The real estate industry thrives when they are able to post an alluring listing online. Videos are essential if you are aiming to connect with prospective clients and also get quality leads.

Home buyers don’t waste their time visiting each property. When you post pictures and high-quality videos, you are able to garner their attention. This is how things move forward with prospective clientele.

The question is - Should you be making the videos yourself or hire a real estate video editing company? Since real estate is your profession, you must outsource real estate video editing services. 

Just before you hire a real estate video editor, you need to ask them a few relevant questions. As a consumer, that’s your right! So, dive right into this article to find out the five questions to ask a real estate video editor before getting them onboard.

1. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have In Editing Real Estate Videos?

The first and foremost question is - How many years of experience does your video editor have?

There are times when a beginner does a good job, but they still have a long way to go. You need someone who has relevant experience in real estate video editing.

Real estate videos are very different from the videos one makes of people, food, and other objects. You have to showcase every room perfectly and it also includes capturing the building/project/surroundings and so on.

2. Can You Show Any Samples of Your Video Editing Work?

Real estate video editing service providers are able to show you a portfolio of their existing works. An experienced video editor will also have their own official website wherein you can see the past works.

Ask them for their Instagram handle, portfolio, and office website. You can check the existing works and then put all your eggs in one basket.

3. What video editing software do you use?

Although it is a professional’s job to edit the video and send you the draft work. However, you must consider asking the company about the software they use to edit videos.

Even if you don’t have knowledge about the software, you can read up about it.

Knowing the kind of software that will be used to edit videos will give you a gist of what you can expect at the end.

A professional will not shy away from telling what software they use. Also, you should consider checking if they are using paid and professional software to do your work.

As a real-estate developer/broker/seller, you should not hand over the editing job to someone who does a half-hearted job.

3. What kind of videos do you make and edit?

Real estate video editing companies may specialise and offer only one kind of video editing service, but there are some companies like Alex Drone Photography and Videography that are jack-of-all-trades. They offer videography and photography for Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms. They also provide videography and photography services for serious businesses like real estate, drone footage, wedding videos, and more.

That’s right! You need someone who can make videos for YouTube, Twitter, websites, and other kinds of videos. You need a versatile videographer and video editor for the job!

Let them tell you what all services they offer and whether they have worked on a real estate video and editing before. This way you will get an idea if they can make videos for all the platforms and channels. You can opt for their services at any given point.

4. What is the cost of your real estate video editing services? 

It would be helpful if your real estate video editing service provider shares a quotation. But first, you need to let them know about your vision, the kind of video you need, and the editing required.

Will there be drone usage? Is it just editing work or one has to make the video from scratch and then edit it? Share your thoughts and requirements with the company, get a quote, and then proceed.

In case of any hidden charges, you should be clear with the company that you intend to get a clear picture of the cost involved.

Concluding Thoughts

Real estate videos should be compelling, alluring, and edited to perfection.

Don’t start indulging in DIY because prospective customers like to see the visuals of the property before going for a visit. It saves everyone’s time and money!

So, hire a reliable real estate photographer and videographer check their ratings, reviews, and the services they provide. But most importantly, you have to ensure that they have a portfolio and an official website that showcases their past work and experience.