There are many great destinations for every type of person and their goals on the trip. Some prefer relaxing on a beach while drinking cold beverages in a tropical island, and others favor a more of a raw experience like hiking in the Himalayas, camping in a dreamy touristic resort, or jumping off of a cliff into the sea. For those who are invested in landmarks, site-seeing, tour guides, and the fascinating architecture of some of the world's most famous countries, eastern Europe is the perfect destination.

1. Reasons to visit eastern European countries

There exist many cultures, traditions, landmarks, old cities, and natural terrain to explore in the eastern region of Europe. The buildings are mostly in pure old stone, and the architecture is Victorian, and they do have a countryside that shows the suburban life that old farmers and land people occupy until this very day. The trouble that some people might have with such a travel route is the languages and the diversity of the food and cultural appropriation in those areas. The good news is that most of these areas are rich and valuable touristic destinations that many people visit on a yearly basis. And the mentality of the populations changed to be accustomed to the hospitality of guests and tourists.

1.1 Hospitality

The problem with many countries that might ruin the experience is having a difference in culture that can affect the staying of the visitors negatively. The most obvious issue is the unfamiliarity with the areas and the landmarks that the tourist might find themselves looking for. The architecture is very similar in such countries as The Republic of Bulgaria and Ukraine. Fortunately for the visitors, most shop owners, as well as established businesses such as restaurants and cafés, are very familiar with the area, and the tourist nature of the region makes it necessary to learn a couple of common languages English and Spanish. And the service there is very professional with a hint of social value estimation, which makes navigating the sites a joyful experience.

1.2 Accessibility

Having access to various locations as well as navigating the countries freely through public transport or a rented vehicle is critical to travel discipline. The better the ride was, the more enjoyable and memorable the journey is. And in this criteria, eastern Europeans do have a knack for not disturbing their visitors, and it became a cultural appropriation ideology between taxi drivers and people that take public transports frequently enough to distinguish the foreigners for the country people.On another note, the mode of transport as well as the cost and the trajectory changes from one country to another. For example, a small country like Sweden has many transport mechanisms and a meager boarding price compared to Russian transportations due to its large capacity.Related: A complete travel guide to the United Kingdom; what you need to know?

2. Cities and landmarks

There are endless choices for the destination to check out in eastern European countries. They range from popular to slightly known to completely disregarded and underrated places that have castles and various other historical sites to visit. These cities include:- Prague, which is the capital of the Republic or Czech that is known for its medieval style.- Budapest the capital of Hungary and blessed by the Danube river that passes through it, which gave birth to its highly known Chaine Bridge.- the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and the birthplace for the soviet architecture.- Odesa is a small town near the main Ukrainian harbor that is special due to its Potemkin flair.

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