In our new weekly series, Things Nobody Tells You, we deconstruct renovation fundamentals that first-timers may be unaware of... and disclose a few surprises that even seasoned renovators may find startling. In this week's chapter, we'll look at one of the most significant undertakings that homeowners may face: kitchen remodeling. Here are ten things to think about, right down to the outlets.

It's (very) pricey

The national average cost for a full, midrange kitchen makeover, according to Remodeling magazine, is around $66,000. (The typical "upscale" renovation? This can cost up to $131,000.) According to, the most expensive items are cabinets and hardware (29 percent), installation (17 percent), and appliances and ventilation (17 percent) (14 percent). Surprisingly, Remodeling claims that a full-fledged makeover will not always increase resale value; on average, house sellers only recoup around 60% of the remodeling expenditures.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, it's a strong argument for working smarter, not harder. To make a large impression without spending a lot of money, keep the layout alone and don't move any important hook-ups.

Consider who will be attending supper

Consider this cliche icebreaker: Who would you invite to a dinner party? Will you be hosting extravagant dinners for eight people every weekend? Or what about feeding little children every night? Or how about dining alone? Do you bake, cook, or do both? Imagining your culinary needs and who will use your kitchen will assist you in making remodeling decisions, such as how many ovens you require. If you wish to bake and cook at the same time or entertain regularly, you should consider two; read our guide on How to Choose a Range, Cooktop, and Wall Oven in the Kitchen for more information.

Choosing your countertops is a combination of beauty and functionality

When selecting your countertops, you should also consider your future self in your kitchen. If you're alright with a material that requires upkeep (and won't always appear ideal), marble or soapstone can be a good choice. However, if you're on a tight budget, things may be out of reach. Are you ready to find out which is best for you? Here are Five Questions to Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Countertops.

A wall-mounted faucet is the best option

When selecting a faucet, you may be tempted to go with a basic deck-mounted one without giving it any thought. But, as Julie did in her Brooklyn Heights apartment, installing a wall-mounted faucet is a little move that may have a tremendous impact. For one thing, keeping the space around your sink clean and dry will be considerably simpler; learn more about the benefits in Remodeling 101: In Praise of Wall-Mounted Faucets.

Unappealing elements may make or ruin your project

Along with big-picture features like tiling and worktops, don't forget to arrange for sufficient ventilation (learn more about Ceiling-Mounted Recessed Kitchen Vents) and outlets (see Where to Locate Electrical Outlets, Kitchen Edition). You don't want a lovely kitchen that fills with smoke while you cook or forces you to use the mixer on the floor. On the contrary, appealing elements such as choosing a custom range hood will make wonders for your kitchen.

Ikea kitchen cabinets may be hacked

There are several cabinet styles available. Don't get bogged down by a plethora of options. When it comes to long-lasting and classic aesthetics, there are just six cabinet kinds to be aware of. A number of new startups are modifying Ikea cabinets if you want something economical yet still feels bespoke.

A double-bowl sink will put in more effort than a single-bowl sink

A single-bowl sink, to be sure, seems more streamlined and fits better in a tiny area. A double-bowl sink, on the other hand, allows you to divide and conquer dishes, wash veggies without contaminating soiled plates, and always have access to the disposal.

You may get a good deal on used appliances

Consider kitchen equipment to be like cars: they depreciate as soon as they leave the showroom. Fortunately, you may get high-quality, gently used appliances for a fraction of the price, as many homeowners and designers we know have done.

And, before you start searching for a fridge, consider how frequently you go to the food store. Do you enjoy preparing and freezing meals in bulk? Do you have a small kitchen?

When it comes, make sure to double-check everything

"Packages tend to pile up on job sites, but they aren't always opened." It's a good idea to double-check that what you've received is precisely what you expected, even down to the color and finish," says mother-daughter collaboration Matriarchy Build. Too many times, suppliers have supplied the pair with the incorrect item; it's critical to discover this error before employees, who may not realize it's the wrong item, install it. For additional information on how to prevent remodeling mistakes and hazards (such as having the wrong object demo'ed—yes, this has actually occurred).

You may not require a complete redesign

Remember that the days of large, costly kitchens are over (even kitchen islands are no longer necessary). There are several methods to make the most of what you have, such as painting your kitchen cabinetry or just replacing out appliances or tiling.