Shyness is not a problem; it's completely normal and okay to have it. But understanding what shyness is and its causes is important to overcome it. Some people want to be sociable, but they are afraid to speak and don't feel confident while speaking. They can easily shake their shyness and be bold and confident and socialize as they want.

3 Causes of Shyness

Shyness causes people to keep themselves distant from the people even if they want to socialize with them. They feel dizziness and insecurity while interacting with others. It affects the self-esteem, confidence, and overall personality of the individuals. 

Inherited Genes

If you and your family members are shy, the chances are that it is inherited, having been passed from your ancestors to you.

Past Trauma

Traumatic experiences in the past cause shyness in adult people. If a child is teased, bullied, or ridiculed, these adults will most probably be shy in the future, as the past always stays with us, especially childhood memories. Any death, divorce, or separation of the parents results in shyness in the children. 

Environmental Influences

The environment plays a significant role in shaping our personality. If identical twins are kept in different environments in their childhood, they will grow up to be two different adults with the most influence of their environment on them. Hence, if a child has stringent or bossy parents who always outline what to do and what not, they will never let the child escape from their comfort zone, and the child will be shy in nature even in adulthood.

Here are a few tips to overcome shyness

Here are six tips to overcome shyness:

1. Accept Your Shyness

Accepting your shyness will give you confidence in yourself. When you say yes, I'm shy, it will provide you with peace and a sense of security. Others will not be able to demean you because you have already accepted your shyness, so they will not have the logic to bully you. 

2. Start Small

Start small to overcome your shyness. The people you know will be your asset in overcoming shyness, so practice eye contacts, talk with a small number of people, maintain confident body language, and accept invitations from the people you are comfortable with. Always have a smile on your face and build your confidence this way. These things will calm your nerves and help you get out of your shell. 

3. Start Conversation

It is the most essential thing in getting rid of your shyness. Start a conversation with the people at the gatherings, the restaurants you go to, your teammates, and school, college, or university fellows. Ask them various questions and employ Unique Icebreaker Ideas to overcome your shyness.

4. Stop thinking that everyone is looking at you

When you are shy, you think everyone is noticing you, which lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel nervous. So feel that no one is looking at you; you are your own boss in your own world. 

5. Don't compare yourself to Others

It is the pro tip for overcoming your shyness because everyone is unique in its own way and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Whenever you will speak with others they will share their experience of overcoming shyness with you. There could be any other experience of their lives which they will share. 

6. Make a List

Make a list of your worries and enlist how you can overcome them, start developing small habits to overcome shyness and you will see a change in yourself within a few days.


Shyness is not a bad thing as it is not your fault to be a shy person. Your environment or childhood influences have made you a shy person but there is no need to worry about it. You can overcome shyness with the above mentioned easy ways. Be bold and confident in your everyday life and attract the opportunities better.