There's just something about fried food that makes it so much better than any other type of food. Maybe it's the crispy, crunchy texture or the way the oils and fats add a delicious richness to the flavor. Whatever it is, fried food just seems to stand out as the best type of food out there. From chocolate bars to vegetables, frying can make food more delicious. Keep reading to learn more about the best foods to fry with a commercial deep fryer.




Onions are a versatile vegetable that can be added to many dishes. While they are most often cooked in savory dishes, they can also be used in sweet dishes. One of the most popular ways to cook onions is to fry them. Frying onions brings out their natural sweetness and makes them extra crispy. They are the perfect addition to dishes like onion rings, onion dip, and onion soup. If you have never fried onions before, it is important to follow a few simple tips. First, make sure that your oil is hot enough before adding the onions. If it is not hot enough, the onions will not cook properly and will be soggy. Also, make sure to stir the onions frequently while they are cooking. This will help them cook evenly and will prevent them from burning.


There’s something about potatoes that just taste better fried. Maybe it’s the crispy, salty skin that gets you every time or the fluffy, pillowy inside that just begs to be dunked in ketchup or gravy. But no matter how you have them, potatoes are always delicious when they’re fried. French fries are made from potatoes that are cut into thin strips and then deep-fried. The potatoes are first washed and then dried before they are cut into thin strips. The thin strips of potatoes are then placed in a bowl of ice water to prevent them from browning. The potatoes are then transferred to a fryer that is heated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and fried for two minutes. The French fries are then removed from the fryer and drained on a paper towel. Salt, pepper, or other seasonings can be added to the French fries before they are served.

Chocolate Bars

There's something about chocolate that just seems to be enhanced when it's fried. Maybe it's the crispy, crunchy texture that it takes on or the fact that the chocolate's flavor is accentuated when it's juxtaposed against the oil's flavor. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure: chocolate bars are better fried. One of the best things about deep frying chocolate bars is that you can use pretty much any kind of chocolate you want. Whether you prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even white chocolate, you can fry it up, and it will be fantastic. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even try deep frying some chocolate-covered pretzels or strawberries.




There's something about frying vegetables that makes them better. Maybe it's the crispy texture or the flavorful oil, but whatever the reason may be, fried veggies are always a hit. One of the top ways to fry vegetables is to use a tempura batter. This light and fluffy batter is perfect for coating spears of asparagus, slices of zucchini, or cubes of sweet potato. Just dip the veggies in the batter, then drop them into a hot pan filled with oil and fry until they're golden brown.

Overall, the above offers an overview of the top foods that taste even better when they are fried. If you're looking for food that's sure to satisfy your taste buds, then you need to try out some fried food, including the above. You won't be disappointed!