Winter is that time of year that allows for all fun and outdoor activities. You can exert some physical strength without breaking a sweat, thanks to the cool and dry climate. In different countries, this climate varies. Winter means a soothing coolness or a pinch in the air in some places. And in other places, winter means beautiful white snow.

Some sports are practiced specifically during the winter months, keeping in mind the unique weather conditions, especially snow and ice. Naturally, these are special winter sports that cannot be practiced at any other time of the year. There are several winter sports practiced all over the world. Let's take a look at the best winter sports in the world.

1. Alpine skiing

Also sometimes referred to as downhill skiing, it is a recreation of gliding on skis down snow-covered hills. This sport is usually practiced in fixed heel bindings. Reinforcement and professional snowboarders mainly practice at ski resorts that provide useful services such as ski lifts, snowmaking, first aid, and restaurants. Alpine ski equipment, generally used by backcountry skiers for marked trails, is transported mainly by helicopter or snowcats.

Elite competitive skiers participate in this kind of winter sport in several major events such as the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships, the World Cup, and the Winter Olympics. It is also noted that, on average, two to four skiers need medical attention out of 1000 people skiing per day.

2. Ski jumping

Ski jumping is a kind of Nordic skiing where skiers descend a take-off ramp, jump, and fly as far as they can. The take-off ramp phenomenon is called the take-off, and points are awarded based on jump distance and style. The skis used in this sport are wide and generally 260 to 275 centimeters long. The International Ski Federation currently monitors this sporting event, and ski jumping itself has been part of the Winter Olympics since its introduction in 1924.

In addition to ice slopes, ski jumping is also practiced on artificial surfaces in summer. It is commonly known that ski jumping originated in Norway. Olaf Rye, a Norwegian lieutenant, is the first famous ski jumper who launched himself 9.5 meters in the air as a sign of courage to his fellow soldiers in 1809.

3. Alpine snowboarding

Alpine snowboarding is a type of snowboarding that is generally practiced on groomed slopes.

More technically accessible than skiing, snowboarding will give you the first sensation of sliding faster. As interesting for novices as for seasoned snow sports enthusiasts, snowboarding opens up new horizons. In addition, it's a good way to diversify your practice in terms of winter sports.

Alpine snowboarding gear is more like the gear used in skiing than the gear used in traditional snowboarding gear.

4. Snowshoes, to discover the mountain differently

For those who love walking, snowshoeing is the logical discipline. An excellent way to find yourself, snowshoeing is an escape from everyday life. Discover the trails, landscapes, and wildlife that inhabit the mountains. Snowshoes are relatively accessible and easy for any age.

5. The fatbike, cycling even in winter

One of the big trends in recent years in terms of winter sports, the fatbike, is attracting more and more enthusiasts, and the number of accessible trails is growing over time.

Appreciated by insiders and novices alike, this bike with oversized tires is specially designed for riding on snow.

Some enthusiasts treat themselves to hiking in the heart of winter on a snow bike, with grandiose landscapes and unique sensations to boot...

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6. Running in winter, for unique sensations

Who said we had to stop running in winter? Much more fun than running on a treadmill in a gym, running on snow is a great way to keep in shape during the winter. With shoes designed for running on snow or a traction system that you hook onto your traditional running shoes, you can train effectively in any weather.

A rule to follow to be neither too hot nor too cold: dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer because body temperature increases with effort. Also, put on gloves and remember that 40% of your heat escapes through your head, so wearing a beanie is imperative.

7. Sledding

Tobogganing is real child's play, but who said that the older ones couldn't lend themselves to this activity? Its fun and friendly aspect make it an ideal sport to practice with the family for guaranteed slides and laughter!

8. CrossFit

For experienced athletes, CrossFit - understand "cross-training" - can also be practiced during the winter. As its name suggests, it combines different physical and sporting activities such as gymnastics, endurance, athletics, or even weightlifting. This method of physical conditioning allows the athlete to exercise in a varied way. Crossfit also combines dumbbells, gymnastic rings, or even bags. Practiced regularly, it provides good cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular endurance.

9. Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a winter sport played between two teams of ice skaters using sticks to launch a hard rubber ice hockey ball called a puck. It is known as Hockey in several countries like Canada and the United States and several European countries like Latvia and Sweden. However, "Ice hockey" is mainly used in countries where Hockey resembles field hockey, such as Asian countries and eastern areas of the world.

This winter sport is quite famous for being a fast-paced, physical sport that has earned it the nickname "The Fastest Game in the World." Ice hockey is an important event in many western countries like Canada and the northern United States. According to the latest statistics, ice hockey federations are present in 73 countries around the world. Therefore, this one surely deserves its mention among the best winter sports in the world.

10. Figure Skating

Individuals, pairs, or groups perform figure skates on ice. It is also recognized as the first winter sport listed in the Olympics in 1908. Currently, there are four disciplines in the Olympic events, which are Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Pair Skating and Ice Dance. There are also many types of figure skating that are practiced around the world, such as synchronized skating and four skates. International figure skating judging and competitions are ruled by the International Skating Union.

The organization monitors major figure skating events such as the Winter Olympics, World Championships, World Junior Championships, European Championships, the Four Continents Championships, and the Grand Prix Series. In addition, this winter sport is also popular as a show business. Also, this game has already seen some of the greatest male figure skaters and best female figure skaters so far.

11. Paragliding

To take ever more height, free yourself from gravity and fly above the mountains thanks to the paraglider! This activity will let you discover the nature that surrounds you in a completely different way and live an unforgettable experience.

12. Mushing

Here is a canine sport really like no other to practice once winter comes. In general, mushing is a sport in which a group of dogs pulls a sled to transport its occupants.

Mushing will be perfect because it is a sporting activity for sled dogs. An activity during which you will be in communication with the wild nature (in the snow and the cold), the other sportsmen, as well as your pets.

Finally, no season for the great classics: cycling, football, rugby, and basketball can continue to be practiced in winter. Beware, however, of bumpy or cold-hardened terrain conducive to sprain-type injuries and trauma.