Arizona is a great place to start a business, because of its low tax rates, business credits, and limited regulations. Add the sunny weather to the mix and you have the almost perfect state for a small business. 

Many companies, big and small used the above mentioned in their favor and now they are thriving. They are on top of their industries and not only in Arizona, but in the whole country. As examples, in the next few lines, you will find three companies that depict just that - local and nation-wide success. 

Everything Etched, Scottsdale

Everything Etched is a gift store. But it’s not your regular place to buy presents, it’s a place where you can choose a gift and design and they will etch, laser engrave, metal mark, and laser cut on it to make it personal and special. It’s perfect for all kinds of gifts as well as souvenirs. 

Their product is pretty creative and they take pride in great customer service. They are located in Scottsdale and they have been in business for around 3 years (since 2019). Their estimated revenue is around $ 1,909,298. 

Other than the revenue and great customer reviews featured on their Google Business Profile, as well as their Facebook page, what says a lot about their success is that they were the highest ranked (131) Arizona based small business on’s list for the year they were opened in. Since they are still thriving, their success wasn’t just beginner's luck. 

The Estate Watch and Jewelry Co, Scottsdale 

The easiest way to define The Estate Watch and Jewelry Co is to say that they are a jewelry store. But this definition wouldn’t give you all the information you need to understand the range of services they offer. 

First off all, they sell estate (which essentially means pre-owned) watches and jewelry including an amazing selection of diamond rings in Scottsdale. But they also are a great place to get a fair price if you are looking to sell your gold, jewelry or Rolex. 

They are famous, among other things, as Arizona’s largest pre-owned Rolex dealer. However they have other swiss brands of time pieces to offer too. They have been in business for 25 years, with an estimated revenue of $520,717. 

Other than the fact they are long standing, their success and care for customers can be seen in the review on their Google Business Profile as well as on Yelp. 

Super Electric

Super Electric is a family owned business and it’s a go-to company for many home-owners and companies when they need services of an electrician. What defers them local contractors is that they concentrate on finding the roots of the issue your home or office might have. That way they help you solve the problem in the long run. 

The business was founded in 2009, when the family already had experience with their other business in the same industry. Their estimated annual revenue is more than $2.5 million. They hire professional electricians but also help their work family grow with different apprentice programs. 

Of course, the satisfaction of their customers and the care they take of them can be seen in different reviews online. Additionally, this business was ranked no. 1 among top 10 Arizona family owned businesses by AZ Big Media

Final thoughts 

We hope these three businesses from three different industries help you have a clearer picture of how successful a company can be when it operates in Arizona.