Does heading off for a sunny holiday in your home away from home sound like heaven? Discover the top destinations in Europe for a motorhome holiday this summer, whether you want to spend days driving, walking or relaxing on the beach.

Before you go

Vehicle maintenance checks

Before you set out, make sure your motorhome is roadworthy. Take it to your local garage for a comprehensive service that checks all safety essentials such as tyre pressure and wear, fluid levels and brakes. Don't forget to conduct a review of the inside too and stock up on gas supplies.

Motorhome insurance cover

We don't like to think of it, but road collisions can occur. Ensure you're properly protected with an up-to-date motorhome insurance policy that will provide financial security should an incident occur.

Pack for all eventualities

Europe in summer is likely to be warm and sunny – but don't bank on it! Pack for all eventualities in terms of weather and activities, prioritising things that would be hard to pick up en route such as footwear. 

comprehensive first aid kit is a must too, as is other safety equipment such as a torch, ice scraper, snow chains for tyres and a shovel.

Europe's top motorhome holiday destinations

1. Ireland

Discover the rolling green hills and dramatic coastline of Ireland, a country where magic seems to spring up around every corner. 

The Ring of Kerry is a popular circuit, taking you through lush valleys adorned with glittering rivers and lakes and out to the rugged coastal cliffs lined with deserted beaches. Don't miss out on visits to Dublin and Cork, cities alive with a thriving culinary scene and pubs with live music.

2. Bavaria

Well-maintained highways traverse Germany's largest state which is awash with scenic countryside and encompasses the major city of Munich. 

Enjoy sensational shopping and heritage architecture in Munich, visit the enchanting Neuschwanstein Castle that's straight out of a fairytale, and explore the Alps on foot or by bike. Medieval Bamberg with its 1,000-year-old cathedral and pretty river setting is also worth visiting.

3. The Amalfi Coast

Experience the extraordinary beauty of Italy's southern shoreline by driving the Amalfi Coast. This is only 50km long but boasts many hotspots ranging from colourful fishing villages built into the cliffs to opulent islands just offshore. 

Just above the Amalfi Coast is Naples, the birthplace of pizza and neighbour of the preserved ancient Roman city Pompeii. This is the perfect destination for those seeking hot weather and beach relaxation as well as a taste of culture and city life.