It may seem hard to plan out something as specific as a party bag for your sixtieth birthday, but these gifts will help you make the most of an occasion that's sure to be one for the ages. Whatever your taste, there will be a gift here that suits it, and overall you'll have plenty of options to grab some last-minute presents before throwing a memorable celebration!

The ultimate party bag

A good party bag has to have a great theme to it, and if you're going all-out for your sixtieth birthday, then the best way to show it is by rocking out the most awesome gift bag in town! Grab a gigantic custom-printed drawstring bag with your own design on it that comes with several different party-themed items inside it. Put candy and treats in there for some instant partying, add balloons for something festive, or just pick up some souvenirs from whatever place you're celebrating.

1. Retro Sweets

Adults are just kids at heart, and if you're going to be celebrating your sixtieth birthday it's probably a good idea to grab some candy from when you were a kid! Grab some retro sweets for your party bag that'll fit in with the theme of your party, such as a giant box of jelly babies or pink wafers. Even if you can't remember exactly when these treats were popular, they're sure to still be tasty enough for today's palettes. Appleton Sweets offer a range of wholesale sweet tubs including retro sweets and today's favourites.

2. A fun novelty gadget

It's not just about the food and the drink and all that, a party is all about having fun, and with a novelty gadget, you could have yourself a whole lot of fun. Picking up something like an inflatable beach ball or an LED light-up monkey would be great as an extra addition to your party bags.

3. A retro-themed photo book

A photo book is a great way to display lots of photos from your sixtieth birthday party in one place, and also a great gift if you're looking for some last-minute party presents. If you have lots of pictures from your celebration there's something​ that you can always improve on them – a really fun way to do it is by putting in the design work yourself! Most of these books are available online for you to download, and it's really easy too. You can print out your favourite photos and then arrange them into the layout that's most appropriate for an occasion like this one.

4. A customisable photo frame

If you've had lots of photos taken of your sixtieth birthday, then why not bring them all together with a great frame? Lots of photo shops offer these custom-built frames that can be loaded up with dozens upon dozens of pictures.

When you think about it, a sixtieth birthday party is tailor-made for some great gifts, especially when you can make the most of cool last-minute shopping. Whatever your taste and whatever your budget, these are some great gift ideas to boost a cool party bag!