Enclosed by gleaming lakes and snow-clad mountains creates the beautiful landscape on earth that is Kashmir.  This state is divided into three parts, Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh.  These parts are covered by the mighty ranges of the Pir Panjal Range and the Great Himalayas.  It is known as India's Switzerland due to the many places to visit here.  Kashmir has a long list of places to visit.  It reflects the nature of beauty.  If you are travelling to any part of Kashmir for the first time, then do not miss the beautiful places in Kashmir to visit.  Check the list of top places in Kashmir and pick the best one for your tour under Cheapest Kashmir Tour packages.

1. Leh

Leh is one of the safe and best places to visit in Kashmir.  The alpine lakes, lofty mountains, and quaint settings make it the best place to visit during summer.  It is a dream destination for the majority of travellers in India.  It is not just a destination; it has much more to offer to young travellers, families, and couples.  Leh is well known for high altitudes and many passes connecting locations in tough terrain.  To find the best places in leh, you should visit the frozen paradise to find the admire and secrets of its breathtaking beauty.

Despite its inaccessibility and harsh weather, it is considered a popular destination for tourists worldwide.  But ensure that you are physically fit to deal with Leh's difficult terrains and harsh weather.  However, you can easily explore mesmerizing landscapes, beautiful monasteries, unimaginable sights, snow-covered mountains, etc., with the best Cheapest Leh Ladakh tour packages.

2. Srinagar

No doubt, Srinagar is one of the popular places to visit in Kashmir.  Certain white shades, silk sunsets, and gloom beyond the oil lamp floating on the Lake, the palace of fairies, absence of words, etc., are liberated into our life- Srinagar.  From trekking to boating, water skiing to bird watching, Srinagar has everything to offer.  This place is known as a mirror to mountains.  It is the first stopover for all tourists.  In fact, there is a big list of places to visit in Srinagar also.  Srinagar is the largest city in Kashmir.  Green mountains enclose it; the main highlight is Dal lake, a city gem.  Srinagar gives a close look at state culture and Kashmiri cuisine.  Srinagar takes the morning light mirroring mountains when the moon hangs pale over Dal lake, which ornaments the array of amazing houseboats.

3. Gulmarg

Gulmarg is known as a meadow of flowers.  It is treated to the eye with a wide spread of vibrant flowers against the background of snow-capped mountains.  It is considered one of the best places to visit in Kashmir for various reasons.  This place in Kashmir is called the adventure paradise due to the many options for skiing activities in the snow.  You can enjoy the view here from snow everywhere.  The best time to visit Gulmarg in Kashmir is December to January, in the winter season.  It would be best if you visited the Gulmarg to find the backing stands of fantastic mature pines.  To make it to the mountain, you can trek on foot and take help from ponies at affordable rates.  Gulmarg inspired tourists with more than 40 accommodation choices; everyone is beautiful in their way.  The best thing is that there are several things to do in Gulmarg.  You can try trekking, biking, skiing, and Gandola riding if you visit in winter.  If you want to reach Gulmarg easily, you can board the flight to Srinagar airport and hire a cab to Gulmarg and arrive here in 3 hours.

4. Sonamarg

As the name suggests, sonamarg is known as the meadow of shadow.  The endless stream of trekking routes and stunning flowers are the famous attractions.  Sonamarg has many things to offer tourists sonamarg has a long list of places to visit in Kashmir for breathtaking views and mesmerizing areas.You can visit Sonamarg from May to June when the valley is blooming with stunning flowers.  It is the tiny town of Kashmir.  It is located 9000 kms above sea level at the bank of the Sindh river.  This town of Kashmir is located in the ganderbal district.

It is only 70km away from Srinagar international airport.  This valley connects part of the Himalayas peaks like sirbal peak, Kolhoi peaks, Amarnath peaks, and many more.  The charming view of sonamarg has become more attractive, with a wide variety of alpine trees and flowers gracing this place.  Here you can enjoy the sun-kissed peaks, meadows of gold, towering glaciers, and breathtaking lakes, all of them in one place, sonamarg.  It is a beautiful place in the Himalayas.  It is full of a range of valleys and mountains that are found through trekking.  The tourists can also enjoy the fishing trout and other creatures in krishnasar Lake, vishansar Lake, and many more.  If you love to engage in water activities, then Sonamarg gives you an amazing opportunity to enjoy white water rafting. 

5. Kupwara

Kupwara is a small district situated in Jammu and Kashmir.  It is located at a distance of 90kms from Srinagar.  Kupwara is blessed with the finest nature views, gushing clear water lakes, alpine mountains, and thriving meadows making Kupwara the best destination in Kashmir.  This city can enhance the beauty of Kashmir more.  The best time to visit kupwara is from April to October.  It is situated at altitudes around 1577 meters above sea level.  Kupwara boasts gushing streams, rugged mountains, deep valleys, rolling meadows, and shimmering lakes.  It is spread across to area of 2379 sq. kms.  This is the reason why Kupwara is known for its bountiful wildlife.

Kupwar provides amazing views to tourists through the nearby mountain ranges like bulbeer, dajalongun, and feshiltong.  It also provides many amazing trekking routes.  If you are an experienced trekker or love trekking, then this place allows you to enjoy many trekking opportunities.  Kupwara is popularly known for its valleys.  It will attract tourists to Lolabl valley, seemab valley, and Bangus valley.  Other famous attractions of Kupwara include the Badra kali temple, kheer Bhawani temple, and Jamia masjid handwara.