If you are into blogging and want to increase your blog’s reach, regular traffic, and conversions, you need to be informed about effective blogging strategies to achieve this. 

With an increased demand for content by internet businesses, companies, marketing experts, writers, and business owners have realized that they need to deliver quality content to their audiences to engage and convert them. 

But how do that? Here are 7 expert blogging strategies to implement today for blog monetization.

Top 7 Blogging Strategies to implement

  1. In-Depth Content

There are practically no limitations on the length of your blog content. However, you should still follow recent trends and search engine guidelines to achieve the best results for your content online. Google now strongly promotes quality and helpful content, meaning that only such content will be ranked successfully on their search engine. 

To provide sufficient information to your readers, try to have all your articles exceed 1000 words. Take the time to occasionally publish well-researched and longer articles that reach the 2000 to 3000-word mark and as such are extremely popular at the moment. This format will allow you to place more relevant keywords and include internal links to your other blog pages and post for better internal linking, which also helps with SEO.

2. Utilize Visual Storytelling

In this visual world it is important to spice up your articles with more than just text. A visitor seeing a huge block of text without any other media will likely not stick around for long, which impacts your so-called bounce rate. This in turn impacts your SEO.  Try to break up your text with images and videos ideally created uniquely by you with relevancy to your written content. 

You don’t need exceptional video editing skills for your blog videos, just tell your own story with your camera phone or use static images with a voiceover narration to accompany your article. This way you can also reach a wider audience via streaming platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

3. Boost Your Blog Monetization

Understanding blog monetization strategies is key to making money from your blog, which can help you pay for your blog hosting and other associated expenses such as website maintenance and digital marketing. 

If you are trying to profit from blogging, one of the biggest blogging trends you should capitalize on is including affiliate links. Depending on your writing niche, you can cover topics related to popular products and services and receive a commission whenever someone purchases through your affiliate link. 

You can also work with sponsors that pay for your blog content such as reviews for example. There are many opportunities available and you’ll need to identify what works best for your blog niche.

4. Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly 

Most users accessing your blog will probably do so from a mobile device. You might think there aren’t many differences between writing an article for a desktop and a smartphone; but it’s all in the presentation and user experience. 

Digital marketing experts from ClickDo suggest running an SEO analysis to find out how to improve your blog pages and their content. Many SEO techniques will boost mobile accessibility, making this strategy a double win for you and your website users.

What to consider for mobile-friendly blog articles:

  • Blog structure: for a smooth reading experience, the text should be broken up into paragraphs and separated with headings and images or videos.
  • Link Placements: ensure the links you add in your blog posts are relevant for your readers and provide them with value as otherwise they won’t click on them, and you won’t convert. 
  • Page layout: check that your page elements are easy to navigate and interact with, especially CTAs such as buttons. 
  • Image sizes: Reducing your media files can significantly improve your site’s load speed and make it smoother in mobile view.
  • Estimated reading time: Users who only have a few minutes might get intimidated by content if they don’t know how long it will take them to read. Including the estimated reading time can get more people to read your content.
  • Always close with a summary: Readers look for answers when reading so always provide them with a final verdict at the end of each blog post and a CTA. 

5. Work With Other Publishers

Content creation must be diverse and reach as many people as possible. There’s no point in you writing fantastic content when it is never seen. A good tactic is getting your content published on other platforms in your niche for increased exposure online. 

This is also a useful strategy to improve your SEO and digital PR as you build your brand or name as an expert online. Always place an outbound link directing users to your blog in your guest contributions. Besides boosting your SEO, this kind of back-and-forth can expose your writing to new readers and increase your blog traffic.

Final Thoughts

The above 5 expert blogging strategies should enable you to capitalize on your blog content. Following our strategies, you should be able to grow your blog, reach a wider audience and monetize it. You can discover how Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis created his website success story to be inspired. As long as you keep at it, your blog will start to generate an income for you and you’ll benefit from all the hard work you’ve invested.

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