If you and your other half have been married and living together for many years now, then you may be well-versed and informed on the different ways you can celebrate your next anniversary.

However, for those lovebirds who are looking forward to their very first year of being married, you may well need some inspiration when it comes to organizing your first wedding anniversary. So, with this in mind, here are five top ideas for celebrating your first wedding anniversary.

1. Arrange a Professional Photo Shoot

Even though, upon first reading, the idea of another round of professional photographs just twelve months after your actual wedding day seems somewhat excessive, arranging a professional photo shoot with just the two of you is a beautiful way to celebrate your first year of marriage.

You could even, after choosing your favorite snaps from the shoot, include these photographs in your wedding album to tie up your first year of marriage memories perfectly.

2. Plan a Private Party with Your Wedding Procession 

Another fabulous way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary in style is to include those closest family members and friends who contributed to your wedding day by inviting them to your home for a private party.

To ensure you and your husband or wife are truly relaxed and can enjoy the evening, you could even choose to hire professional bar staff from eventbartenders.com, who will ensure that your loved ones are constantly kept refreshed throughout your private party.

3. A Long Weekend Away

Presumably, unless you are incredibly fortunate, you will have spent at least some of your savings on your wedding just twelve months previously and, as a result, can neither justify nor afford a once-in-a-lifetime vacation just yet.

However, booking just one or two nights away, either in your local area yet away from the responsibilities and stresses at home or else farther afield, is a fantastically romantic and intimate way to celebrate your first year of marriage.

4. A Staycation

If even one night away is neither practical nor affordable, then a fantastic alternative which is also extremely affordable, is instead booking a couple of days off work and spending a staycation over your anniversary date at home together.

Rent or choose some classic and favorite movies from streaming services which you have either both always wanted to watch, or else you first saw on a date to the movies years ago and choose your favorite snacks. Snuggle up on the couch all day and night and enjoy each other, just as you did when you were first dating. For extra adorable points, you could even treat yourselves to a matching set of pajamas too.

5. A Romantic Meal

Finally, for a truly special and memorable evening to celebrate the union of you and your spouse just a year ago, why not book a table, in good time, to avoid disappointment, at your favorite restaurant?

Dress up, hire a babysitter and/or pet sitter and truly relax in the company of your partner in crime, a good bottle of wine, and some delicious and indulgent food. You could even treat yourself to a dessert too.