Many factors can determine a room’s aesthetic appeal, function, and comfort. Creating a beautiful home requires you to do more than choose attractive furniture, wallpaper, and paint colors.

You must pick the best layout, consider proportions, layer lighting, and maximize floor space, which isn’t easy. Don’t spend your days wondering what’s missing in a room. Instead, read the below five interior design rules the pros follow.

Rule #1: Don’t Fear Mixing Old with New

When decorating your home, you might be tempted to stick to one interior design style, such as classic traditional, or modern contemporary. Yet, believe it or not, you can blend old with new.

For instance, a traditional dining table will become a focal point when surrounded by modern sofas. Old and new aren’t enemies in interior design. Pick items that will draw the eye while adding color and texture. Jodani Home provides all the furniture you need to match your home’s style and taste.

Rule #2: Hang Bold Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

Disguising odd angles and soffits isn’t easy in a bathroom. Yet, hanging bold wallpaper is one of the best ways to distract the eye from unsightly angles or jut-outs. A busy yet beautiful wallpaper will stop the eye from finding corners while making a small space appear much bigger than its size.

Rule #3: Three Colors are Better Than Two

Professional interior designers aren’t afraid of color, as they know how to use it. Yet, your lack of confidence with pairing shades might force you to stick to one or two colors in a room.

To create a more jaw-dropping home, you must remember that three colors are always better than two in interior design. Two shades should contrast, and one should have a neutral color to add balance. A neutral shade should serve as a room’s base, and you should incorporate the competing colors into your accessories, such as your lampshades, curtains, bedding, pillows, and artwork.

Rule #4: Choose the Correct Furniture Size

A small sofa might appear comfortable and chic, but it doesn’t mean it’s the right pick for your home. If you have a large living room, a big sofa and footstool can create a more attractive, inviting space. If a room is on the small side, it’s wise to add at least one large yet beautiful statement piece into a room. Balancing big and small furniture can add height and visual appeal.

Rule #5: Never Forget the Finishing Touches

Give your interior design the perfect finishing touch by incorporating attractive accents. If a room appears cold and uninviting, you could transform its look and feel by laying down a shaggy rug, hanging paintings on the wall, or incorporating large and small houseplants into corners of the room. Small items and soft furnishings can create a more homely, aesthetically pleasing home. Drape a throw over your sofa or bed, add vibrant books to a shelf, or inject a burst of color with a fresh bouquet.