It’s a challenge, but working as a registered nurse is rewarding. You serve others and help to save lives. So why should you take the extra steps to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Nursing? Your schedule is already busy enough as it is with your work. Is it worth putting even more on your plate by studying for a BSN degree? The answer is yes.

The following article will explain why you should make the leap with a BSN degree and why it’s wise to earn it online.

Reason #1: You Can Earn It While You Work 

By studying online, there’s no need for you to take an extended leave of absence from your current nursing role. It’s possible to gain the education you require from your home and fit it around your career. The University of Texas Arlington is one such place that can offer RN to BSN online degree programs. An RN BSN online at UTA will allow you to continue working while getting your degree. Here, you can build upon the principles of nursing leadership and more research-based elements.

Reason #2: A Salary Increase

It’s true: money isn’t the primary reason why you decided to become a nurse. Yet it remains a significant factor in your employment, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t earn a premium salary from such a demanding role. By acquiring a BSN, expect a significant bump in your wages. Payscale notes the median annual salary for a registered nurse is around $69,000, while those with a BSN earn, on average, $20,000 more per year.

Reason #3: New career opportunities

Naturally, a pay increase will come with more unique, rewarding positions within the nursing field. Earning a BSN degree online opens the door to new career roles such as:

  • Nurse manager
  • Perioperative nurse
  • Informatics nurse
  • Nurse advocate
  • Oncology nurse

Once in possession of a BSN, you are immediately in a position to move into one of these roles. You don’t need to add a master’s degree on top of your BSN, as a BSN is enough.

Reason #4: Improve your quality of life

Studying and working simultaneously can seem like a lot to juggle. Even though it can lead to stressful situations, getting back into education ultimately benefits your health — studies highlight that educational investments are helpful for mental health, motivation, personal relationships, and more. Earning an online BSN degree isn’t just a career enhancer. It also helps you become a better, more well-rounded individual.

Reason #5: Greater job security

Registered nurses are not infallible from losing their job. This is particularly the case for those that don’t possess a BSN degree. Even if you have years of experience in the bank, those with a BSN will appear more desirable to employers. If you lose your current nursing role, you might struggle to gain a new position when up against nurses with a BSN. Knowing you have security and can compete amongst everyone else can minimize stress and keep you working to the best of your abilities.