1. Identification/Security

Having your staff wear ID cards with a lanyard can help you to visually identify colleagues quickly and single out those who are not wearing a badge or potentially somewhere they shouldn't be – a solution that's highly effective for large corporate businesses where visitors come and go daily. With the Javelin Jack printer, you can also print your colleagues photo ID image in colour alongside their names, adding an extra level of security and ensuring that people are who they say they are!

2. Access control

If your business has restricted areas that requires a select few authorised to access, then it can be hard to manage who has the correct key, when it was used or if it was passed to someone else. The Javelin Jack can be upgraded to have encoding so you can program each ID to allow your colleagues to have appropriate access to certain areas of your facility. You can change these permissions at any time and the Javelin Designer software has the flexibility to upgrade someone's access permissions without the need to print a new card.

3. Free advertising

Your ID cards can also be utilised as free advertising! Using our Javelin Design software, you will have total control over your card brand and designs. We also offer coloured lanyards that can be designed with your brand colour and logo so as your staff wear them to and from the office – a great way to consistently promote your business and keep your staff looking professional.

4. Staff management and fire safety

If you opt for an access control solution, then you will also be able to control staff member's access. This means you can see what time staff enter or leave the building – which is perfect for a business handling confidential or restricted materials that need an extra level of security. A smart ID card can also help you to automatically monitor staff attendance. This can also lend itself to fire safety and act as a live employee attendance log if a fire alarm rings. Fire safety officers can automatically generate an attendance report and know exactly how many employees are in the building without the need to make multiple head counts or create a manual registration log.

5. Visitor IDs

Quickly identify and track visitors by issuing temporary passes. These can either be customised with their name and image or kept as a generic corporate design so it can be reused. Your visitor pass could also double-up as a business contact card if you choose to let your guest keep it at the end of their visit. Javelin Jack printer has been designed so that its compact enough to sit seamlessly on your desk, while being able to issue ID cards instantly to reduce visitor wait times.

But wait, there's more…

We understand that finding the right printer for you might be a little daunting, that's why WE (the manufacturer) have created our limited edition bundle. This will save you over £500 (was £1250 ex.VAT) and includes everything you need to get started! Along with the card printer, we've also included a FREE 1 hour tutorial for any questions you might have when beginning.

We also offer the ability to customise your printer. So if you're planning to display it somewhere in view, you can make sure it follows your brand identity! You can select from a choice of colours, add your own logos and most importantly, create completely custom side wraps which can incorporate any design you wish … you won't find these offers anywhere else!