Your customers are the lifeblood of your business — without them, you're out of business. Since you can't be with them 24/7 (we wish!), live chat software is a great tool to improve your customer experience and keep potential churn away.

Find out what your customers want

Customer experience is one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing. We've chatted about Customer Journey before, but in this article we're going to dive into a specific strategy you can use to improve your customer experience and win over more customers. Building visitors into customers is a never ending challenge and we can always do more to keep our attention to detail fresh and up-to-date! People are time-constrained, impatient and fickle. Customer loyalty is dead, but great customer experiences are more important than ever before.

Present that live chat button

Have you ever opened up a website and clicked their live chat support button? I'm sure you've encountered a website with this button. The purpose of it is to connect the end user with a live support representative in real time. Live chat has been around for a while. Most companies still choose not to implement live chat on their websites because they feel it's not a worthwhile investment. If you're interested in integrating live chat into your business, then you have come to the right place! In a recent survey, when asked "How do you prefer to communicate?" 92% of respondents said they want some form of live chat service. As Customer Service professionals know, live chat software is an excellent way to communicate with your website visitors and can help close more sales.

Sign up for a free trial

You want to get on the live chat bandwagon and set it up for your website but don't know where to start. You've browsed through the options, read countless reviews and articles, but still aren't sure if you made the best decision. It's okay; this is normal. Many businesses around the world have already discovered the outstanding benefits that live chat software can bring. There are several great live chat solutions for most types of businesses and it's about time you got your hands on this amazing technology. We live in a world where people want things right away. The younger generation, referred to as "Digital Natives," has grown up with immediate access to information at their fingertips.

Try out the tool with a test customer or two

Live chat software is a great new way to engage with your customers. It's not intrusive like an email newsletter, but it makes your audience feel important by "virtually" speaking to them directly. Live chat software can dramatically increase conversions and build customer loyalty. But not all live chat software is the same. Each one has different features and pricing sets, so I want to give you some insight into the world of live chat and how you can select the best live chat software for your business. You can also use a software for speech analytics to get all the conversations into data and get meaningful insights in order to be batter at your customer service. 

Get everyone in your company onboard and ready to go

Live chat software is a great way to improve customer service and sales. But how do you get everyone in your organization ready to implement this technology? In my years of working with both companies and individuals, I have learned one thing: getting everyone in your company on the same page takes time. From having to train admins and figure out how to manage your live chat software, not to mention the time it takes to get newcomers up-to-speed on how your company operates — it's simply not a fast or easy process.


You can easily get started with live chat software by following these simple steps.