If you’re planning a trip where you’ll be outdoors a lot, you’ll need to be sure to pack carefully. Outdoor trips may require bigger suitcases and more items than you’d normally bring for a typical trip, so here are some tips to help you prepare accordingly:

Protective items for harsh weather

If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors during monsoon season, snowy conditions, or in a very hot climate, you’ll want to stay safe when it comes to your time spent outside. From waterproof jackets for hiking in rainy weather to adult snowsuits for skiing or simply spending time in a freezing climate, make sure you pack the protective gear you have, so you can avoid needing to buy it at your destination.

You may have second thoughts about bringing this type of wear, as it’s usually bulky but should you find yourself in a situation that warrants it, you’ll be happy you packed it.

The right shoes

Whether you love to go running even on vacation or ride your mountain bike and you have to have the right shoes for your pedals, it’s important to bring the right shoes for your sport or outdoor activity with you. If you have multiple pairs, even better.

The last thing that you will want to happen is to get to your destination without the shoes that will be comfortable for your sport, or worse yet, the shoes that even make it possible to practice your outdoor activity.

Extra personal items

An increase in physical activity plus time spent outdoors means that your clothes will probably need to be washed often. If you’re staying somewhere where you won’t have a washer available, it could be helpful to bring plenty of extra spare change of underwear, socks, bras, etc.

This way, you won’t be left without and in need of finding the nearest store to buy some new ones. Always best to bring too much underwear than not enough.

First aid and battery phone charger

Having some type of first aid kit on you is helpful when it comes to staying safe in the great outdoors. Additionally, if you plan on going somewhere a bit outside of civilization, it’s simply a wise move to bring a battery-operated phone charger with you to ensure you have phone juice for an extended period, should you need it.

Outdoor safety gear

As you’ll be spending a lot of time in nature and the wild, no doubt, you’ll want to make sure to be prepared with the essentials that will make a difference in your safety, especially if you plan on doing any extensive hiking or biking.

This could be a multi-tool with a knife, a water disinfection kit, a generous hydration reservoir, and more. You may want to even go overboard as it’s much better to be prepared than to be without, should a situation arise. If you can find two-in-one options, all the better so that it’s easier to save space in your bag.


In Conclusion

A good rule of thumb when packing for a trip that will involve outdoor sports and activities is to ask yourself two questions. What items will ensure your safety while in the great outdoors? What type of gear is necessary for your intended sport? Once you have the answers to those questions, make a list and it will be a lot easier for you to make sure to bring all of the right things for your outdoor trip. Remember that safety items should always come first, as well as things that make it easy for you while you practice your outdoor activity.