Now that you have adopted a wonderful pet, it is time to modify your home and your routine so you can ensure that your dog or cat lives its best life. From preparing the backyard to creating their own special room, there are many things you can do today to prepare your house for your furry arrival, so they feel like a welcomed part of the family. 

1. Make Sure That They Are Protected From Pests

The first step to ensuring that your pet has a good life is to prep your backyard and get educated on common pests so your furry friend does not get hurt or bit. First, you need to protect your pet from fleas and ticks. Dangerous pathogens, from tapeworms to typhus, can be transmitted to your pet upon being bit by one of these pests, so you need to take the proper precautions. To protect them, bathe and brush your pet regularly and check for fleas several times a week. Also, consider preventative measures by talking to your vet about flea control products that they can take that will be safe and effective.

You also need to be very watchful when your pets venture into the backyard. You should limit the time they are outside, especially during the warmer months when ticks thrive. Also, ensure that they avoid contact with wild or stray animals, which can easily transmit the pests. Keep your pets away from harmful plants as well, with special caution around ivy and aloe vera, which can be especially dangerous for dogs.

2. Give Them A Special Sanctuary

While many pets can relax and have fun anywhere around the house, you can pamper them and give them a better life by providing their own special space where they can go if they are tired, afraid, or just want to let off some steam. This room can also be a space where they can entertain themselves if you have company over and need to put them away.

There are many considerations to make when creating the perfect pet room. First, make sure to select a space that is cool during the hotter months and has the proper insulation to keep your pet warm during the winter. In addition to a bed, watering dish, and other necessities, you will want to add some of your pet’s favorite toys and a good bone that they can chew on over time. Remember that you shouldn’t lock them away in the room at all times, but leave it open for whenever they need it.

3. Spend One-On-One Time With Them Everyday

If there is anything that pets and humans have in common, it is a desire for attention. Make sure that you spend time with your pet every day. That might involve laying on the ground with a cat while they play with their favorite ball of yarn or taking your dog on a walk to and from the park. If you live alone or are ever having a stressful day, then you can even speak to your pet and vocalize your feelings. Sometimes, just getting your thoughts out there can improve your mental health, and your dog or cat will enjoy the company.

To really kick things up a notch, consider bringing your pet on vacation to a pet-friendly resort or a hotel made for dogs. Or, consider a camping trip where you can take your pooch on exciting hiking trails. You both can have a great time during your adventure, and your furry friend will really feel loved and appreciated.

4. Create Delicious Homemade Treats

They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and that goes for your pets as well. Ensuring that they are well-fed and hydrated throughout the day is the best way to be certain that they live a healthy and happy life. You can kick things up a notch by baking special homemade treats that they can eat after their meal or as a reward for a job well done. There are many great options, from no-bake pumpkin and rice dog treats to cheesy bacon dog treats that pack a lot of flavor. Your pet will be loving life after a few of these delicious morsels.

When their birthday comes around, you can bake a special treat or pet-friendly cake just for them. It is a great way to prove that they are as important as any other member of the family.

Hamsters are also becoming a popular choice when it comes to keeping pets. Most online forums about hamster parenting are filled with questions such as can hamsters eat cheetos or can hamsters eat salami? We'd like you to know that those two are not a healthy choice, no matter which pet you have. 

5. Check Their Health Regularly

Just like with the human members of your family, the best way to be sure that your pet has a great life is to bring them in for regular checkups so they can live a healthy lifestyle. When you bring your pet, consider bringing the rest of the family as well. That way, they can all be there to hear firsthand what is best for your furry companion, so they always get the same care regardless of who is around.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can help your pet to live their best life and feel love and happiness every day. Your pet will appreciate your efforts, and they will show you everlasting love in return.