Adding value to your home is not as hard as you might think. When the time comes to put a house on the market, there is a certain standard expected by potential purchasers. Places sell faster and appear more attractive to viewers if they are tidy, clean, and not in a state of disrepair. If you are looking to increase the selling price and therefore uplift your profit, here are five ways you can achieve this goal.

Fix the Roof

Nobody wants to take on a property with a faulty roof. This can be costly and definitely decrease the value of the property. So, even if it costs a lot of money to fix, it is absolutely worth doing. Not only will you put people off entirely from considering your house as a viable purchase option, but you will bring the price down too. To get the job done, professional services are required and, a quick online search for roofing companies near me will show you the best, expert options available in your area.

Basement and Attic

If you have space below and above the core layout of the house, for example, a basement, attic, or both, these need sorting and straightening out. Unless they are specifically searching for a fixer upper, buyers entering the housing market will be less likely to validate a house that has dilapidated areas which may require expensive work on their part. It might be a slow project, but it is a necessary one and you can do it incrementally while you fix up other areas. Start by organizing the chaos, do a damage assessment on the structural features like walls and flooring, and proceed to clean up by investing in the right paint or flooring to make the area feel livable.

Renovate the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the easiest rooms to renovate, and one of the core selling points of a home. Any viewer will take a keen interest in this room as it gets heavy traffic and needs to be reliable. It is where basic needs are met, and it should feel like a comfortable and functional space. So, if yours is looking a little worse for wear, consider revamping it through the lens of a buyer.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

Much like the bathroom, a kitchen in a house is an important area. So, what do buyers want?

  • Space
  • Storage options
  • In-built appliances
  • Tidy décor
  • Seating

Storage is a must. Cupboards and shelves are one way to do this, but hidden storage up high and down low is also useful. People need places to put basic kitchen supplies and food, so if you have space to add a pantry this is always a bonus.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainability Goals

Wherever it’s possible, try to add to the sustainability of the property. Modern buyers want an eco-focused home that protects the environment. There are easy ways to add sustainability including smart meters/thermostats, LED bulbs, insulation, and triple glazing.

Everything listed above will certainly add value to your property and save you from having to sell your home at an unfair price.