You may think that since we all need running water and working pipes, there would be no shortage of plumbers. However, in reality, the plumbing industry is still as competitive as ever. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed things down, and with fewer young people going into the trades, customers now have fewer options from which to choose.

In order to succeed and separate yourself from the competition, you need to innovate and offer services that fellow plumbing companies may not. That might include adding hazard waste removal, sustainable options, and a great referral program. Let’s talk about those and other great ways to keep your plumbing business competitive.

1. Create An Attention-Grabbing Website

The first thing that you want to do is create an attractive business website or update the one you already have. Use it to show high-quality images of your previous work and to list all of the services that you provide. If you want to give customers the opportunity to pay for an upcoming job or request an estimate, then make it easy to do on the website. 

You should also create a page dedicated specifically to customer reviews. Whenever a customer gives you great feedback, ask if you can use it on your website. People love to see reviews from fellow customers, and they could set you apart from your competitors.

Finally, spruce up your website with an attention-grabbing logo or company slogan that customers can get in their heads. These features are part of an all-important branding strategy, and by putting work into your message, customers will remember you time and time again.

2. Stay Up To Date On Smart Technology

In order to get their license, plumbers must show that they can complete the basic and essential services that a homeowner may need at any given time. To separate yourself from the herd, offer additional services that they may not have, such as smart technology solutions

Take some time to learn about the smart plumbing tools that can help customers save money while also helping the environment. For instance, there are smart shower heads that monitor the flow of water and automatically slow the flow when you move away, so there is less wasted water. Out in the yard, you can install a smart irrigation system that actually monitors the weather, so it only runs if rain isn’t expected in the forecast. 

These days, there is a huge demand for green and eco-friendly features, so by advertising that you supply these services, will know that you care about the environment and will choose your business.

3. Add Handling Of Hazardous Materials To Your Services

When you have completed work on a customer’s home, they want to feel as if your services have helped them to be safe and secure. Many customers don’t realize that there can be many hazardous materials associated with plumbing, including asbestos and lead. So, if you want your business to stand out from the pack, then you can advertise that you are trained to manage these hazardous materials so they won’t cause any harm.

Training in this regard will include how to move and store dangerous chemicals, as well as how to safely respond when a dangerous substance is detected. It will also tell you about the proper protective equipment to wear when handling chemicals. While customers may initially be alarmed that they have these substances in their home, they will likely find comfort that you can assist and keep them safe.

4. Improve Your Customer Service

If you really want repeat customers and a growing client base then you need to prove it with outstanding customer service. That includes being clear with your language on your website, so customers know exactly what to expect and the details of the service for which they are paying.

There are many ways that a plumber can show good customer service, including:

  • Show empathy when a customer has an issue.
  • Be polite when you arrive at their home to assist. 
  • Keep your word and stick to your price estimates.
  • Educate your customers as you work on their homes and give them tips to avoid issues in the future. 
  • Show that you really care by following up after the work is complete to ensure that everything is working well.
  • Always ask if they have any questions.

5. Run A Referral Program

While providing excellent service will get plenty of customers in the door, if you want to continue to grow your plumbing business, then you need to put a great loyalty/referral plan in place. 

One surefire way to have your current customers bring their friends to your company is to create a rewards program, where if they refer someone and they buy a service, the original customer gets a perk like a discount on future service. In order for this program to be a success, it has to be well known. Mention it on the front page of your website and tell customers about it once you have completed service on their homes. A good program could result in an endless supply of new customers.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can keep your plumbing company competitive and bring in new customers. Try these tips, and you’ll find success as your enterprise continues to grow.