Do you want to make your car park more eco-friendly but don't know how?

You may be surprised to find out that there are lots of changes that you can make to your car park to make it kinder to the planet.

From investing in solar energy to introducing green roofs, read on to discover five ways to do your bit for the environment and make your car park more eco-friendly.

1. Install solar panels

As the price of solar panels has dropped considerably, these eco-friendly power sources have never been more popular. Providing the perfect way to reduce the carbon footprint of your car park, solar panels can also help to dramatically reduce your energy bills.

As far as locations go, car parks are ideal for solar panels as they are large enough for an expansive array of panels. Plus, you can even sell some of your surplus energy back to the grid and enjoy a nice bit of extra income.

2. Introduce green roofs

What are you currently doing to utilize the roof of your car park? If nothing, you are seriously missing a trick. Green roofs, as the name suggests, are roofs that have plants growing on them.

Providing a whole host of benefits, including improved air quality, the mitigation of the urban heat island effect, and the ability to enhance the overall visual appeal of your car park, green roofs are surprisingly simple to create.

Alternatively, vertical gardens offer the same benefits and can be used alongside or instead of a green roof.

3. Install EV charging bays

More and more people are investing in electric vehicles due to their environmental-friendliness and the fact that they are cheaper to run and maintain.  

An EV charging bay is a dedicated parking space for electric vehicles where drivers can plug their cars in to recharge them. By investing in EV charging bay upgrades, you can make it easier for your customers to charge their electric cars and make them more likely to choose your car park.

4. Switch to energy-efficient LED lighting

If you are not already using LED lights to illuminate your car park at night, then now is the time to switch to these more energy-efficient light sources.

LED lights are not only better for the environment than their traditional counterparts, but they also boast a longer lifespan and they can help to reduce your lighting costs.

Furthermore, if you choose to install motion sensors, you can optimize your energy consumption even more.

5. Create designated carpooling spots

Carpooling offers a great way for people to reduce their carbon footprint and, as a car park owner, there are steps that you can take to encourage more drivers to embrace this way of traveling.

By assigning designated carpooling spots, you can make it easier for people to carpool, resulting in a more environmentally friendly car park. Make sure that you post visible signs to showcase your new designated parking spots for carpoolers so that everyone knows what you offer.