This year, trends are a total blast from the past, with the 70s, 80s, and 90s-inspired fashion trends cropping up on retail stores’ shelves. No matter which decade is your favorite, there are a ton of trends from the past to incorporate into your everyday wear. To help you get started, we've created a list of six style trends to incorporate into your wardrobe. Let's get to it!

1. Grunge Fashion: Hello 90s

Today's teens and young adults gravitate toward modern takes on classic 90s grunge. From flannels and boots to leather cufflink bracelets and gemstones, the 90s are back and better than ever. Get your looks at thrift stores to find classic versions of the modern takes on these trends.

To create an edgy wardrobe that reflects your daring personality, go with darker shades like gray and black hues. Style your outfits with camisole tops and your go-to combat boots to sport your style like nobody's business!

2. 80s Glam Is Back

If you were an 80s kid or wished you were, take a few fashion tips from the decade and start incorporating them into your looks. Grab your scrunchies, elastic banded spandex shorts, and oversized tee-shirts to create cozy but stylish looks that will hopefully last this time. Throw on a pair of tennis shoes, and head to the mall with your friends. 80s fashion trends are always recirculating and we love to see them!

3. 70s Muted Fashion

Disco your way back to the 70s with fashion-forward ideas like muted colored tee-shirts and pants, all in those crazy colors. Mustard yellow, potato brown, and groovy purple somehow work perfectly together.

Look for flared jeans, disco boots, and leather satchels to complete your look. That's so groovy man! Pro tip: For 70s fashion inspiration, look to experts like Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks or any of your favorite icons from this era. Bohemian vibes are strong with that one!

4. Denim Cutoff Shorts

Denim shorts are the eclectic fashion trend that works with everything! A modern take on another 90s classic incorporates denim cut-off shorts into your wardrobe. These shorts go with everything from tee shirts to sweaters. Pair them with sneakers, cowboy boots, or other footwear you enjoy. Have fun creating new looks with these shorts essential! You can even make your denim shorts by cutting old pairs of jeans. 

5. Oversized T-shirts Trend

Oversized t-shirts are back in style. Pair these with leggings, shorts, jeans, or capris, and be rocking in fashion like it's nothing! Choose from your favorite band t-shirts to sports teams and show your personality through the shirts you wear! Pay tribute to your favorite past icons with vintage t-shirts that display their faces or names. You can get creative with this fashion trend. Find the shirts that speak to you!

6. Metallic Tones And Trends

Get your shine with metallic sandals, dresses, and nail polish, and start accessorizing in style. Metallic accessories can dress up any casual outfit or be the finishing touch to your fancier outfits. Look for sandals and heels in these shades, and style your way forward. Look for metallic tones in silver, copper, and rose gold to be on-point with this year's fashion trends.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best style trends is all about incorporating the fashions of decades past and making them into modern looks. Try to blend old with new by incorporating some finds from sustainable fashion resources like thrift stores and consignment shops when you aren't shopping at the mall! Consider the above suggestions as you work to create the best outfits from this year's fashion trends. Now, get styling, fashionista!