There are many things to be aware of when passing an 18-wheeler truck. The greatest danger is the blind side (i.e., the side that is not visible to you) and the load that can fall off the truck and onto your car. Truck accidents can be fatal, so pay close attention and be prepared to stop.

First, remember that the car is going much faster than the truck, so you must get off the road before being hit by the truck. Always yield to a passing vehicle in front of you when safely able to do so. Second, don't be afraid of hitting something if you have nowhere to go. The purpose of your car is to protect you, not something else.

6 Things A Car Driver Should Avoid When Passing an 18-Wheeler Truck

1. Driving on the wrong side of the road

Driving on the wrong roadside is unsafe and could cause a collision. If you are frightened, do not speed up to go around the truck. Your car can easily lose control and go into a ditch or hit another vehicle. A car driver should always slow down, get out of the way, and pass when it is safe.

2. Distracted driving

Some car drivers become overly concerned when they encounter a large truck. The situation can become very dangerous if you get too distracted to drive. Always keep your eyes on the road and avoid becoming overly concerned about the truck driver.

3. Passing too closely

The most common way for a car driver to pass an 18-wheeler truck is on the right side. The distance between the cars is essential when passing an 18-wheeler truck to be safe because of their size and speed. Always pass slowly, at the appropriate length, and give the truck driver plenty of time to understand and recognize that you are passing. If he does not want to let you go, make your intentions clear and stop before moving again.

4. Engaging gears

Braking is difficult when passing an 18-wheeler truck because of all its weight. To slow down in front of a big truck, the vehicle must put on its brakes very hard and change gears quickly. Therefore, driving up to a car and braking can cause a severe accident. Always slow down gradually and ensure you have enough space between the truck and your vehicle before stopping. If a car driver wants to pass quickly over the truck, it is not recommended because of the risks of death or other serious injuries.

5. Switching lanes

This action is not advisable because a car can quickly lose control when switching lanes. In addition, the driver of an 18-wheeler will not be able to see you if you change lanes in front of him. A semi-truck has blind spots on both sides that can effectively hide a small vehicle. It is not recommended if a car driver only needs to pass quickly and can do so safely.

6. Trying to stop a big semi-truck

If you are following the truck and want to slow down, you will have to reduce your speed quickly. If the car driver has not paid attention to the road, he may lose control of the vehicle. The brakes on a car are not strong enough to stop a heavy vehicle from moving quickly. To avoid an accident, remember that it is always safer for car drivers to allow room for trucks when passing. If you must slow down in front of a big truck, do it gradually with caution and always keep an eye on the road ahead.

A car driver should give plenty of time when passing an 18-wheeler truck. It is safer if the car driver passes the truck on its left side, but it takes more time. If you are following a semi-truck, it is best to slow down gradually (to avoid accidents) and pass carefully. Always remember that trucks take longer to reach their maximum speed than cars, so do not expect them to get out of your way quickly.