There are some preemptive measures that one needs to consider before hiring someone new at the company. Before you make a new hire for your company, consider using pre-hire assessments to help you with the decision. Following are the ways to determine the improvement in the pre-employment scenario.

Basic MS Office Knowledge

Almost all office workers should have in-depth insight and understanding of computers. Different corporations use MS Office for appraisals and computer simulations to find top candidates; by virtue of their responsibilities. In reference to the assessment by IDC, having proficiency in MS Office gets a candidate jobs of high quality, and maximum wage, on average.

Administrative Skills

Administrative skills are the foremost essential skills that are required to manage official affairs subtly. A study conducted by "Brookings" concludes that in the U.S.A., the requirement of official managerial proficiency for jobs has had exponential growth, i.e. from five percent (5%) to twenty-three percent (23%), from the beginning of 2000 till today. This is why administrative skills are one way to judge a potential candidate’s competency.

Data Entry Skills

Almost all companies require adroit experts in data entry. Their proficiency is evaluated by their accurate typing skills, basic knowledge of electronic devices, and intact and unerring calculations. According to a United States Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, primary computer skills are essential for more than seventy percent of the total employment. The evaluation of these skills in pre-hire assessments results in tremendous outcomes.

Digital Insight of the World 

An analysis regulated by IDC states that digital expertise is required for about eleven million new positions in well-reputed industries. According to a Brookings report, the proportion of employment that does not necessitate computer and digital expertise has decreased from fifty-six percent (56%) to around thirty percent (30%). Therefore, digital knowledge is a must if you are looking to hire a new employee. 

Aptitude Tests

Workers across the globe need to have appropriate knowledge, along with some experience, to do a job safely. Due to this factor, companies conduct aptitude and reasoning tests; so that they may evaluate how good the candidates are. As per the report issued by the Manufacturing Institute, sixty percent (61%) of businesses indicate that it is challenging to find adequate qualified staff.

Technical Tests

According to the "American Chamber of Commerce Foundation", corporations potentially lose eleven percent (11%) of yearly revenue if they cannot fill vital skilled positions. The Manufacturing Institute claims that recruiting workers with the necessary credentials and experiences for technical jobs requires at least 70 days. Many companies, like Amazon, Shell, and Volvo, are renowned for using these types of assessments as part of the hiring process to assess your ability to comprehend and apply practical approaches to resolve issues. 

The pre-assessment tests and techniques can be modified according to a company's operations and business model. Pre-assessment of potential new employees is an excellent way to avoid any losses due to unprofessional and unskilled employees.