Women suffer from significant health problems like cramps and various pains from a young age. It is vital to eat foods that support bone-density, protect muscles properly, and promote good metabolism to avoid many health issues in middle age. NAD or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide taken in the form of IV drips can help fight all these problems effectively.

What is NAD IV Therapy?

NAD IV therapy inserts an important coenzyme present naturally in our body cells into our bloodstream. The natural NAD present in our body declines as we get older, leading to various back, knee, and joint pain issues. It also causes wrinkles on the skin, middle-age depression, and extreme fatigue. You can insert NAD into your body externally as capsules called Tru Niagen or take NAD IV therapy.

IV drip therapy inserts NAD coenzyme and other nutrients like Vitamin B and glutathione directly into the bloodstream. There is no need to digest the tablet and pass it through the liver and stomach as IV drip solutions directly enter the blood providing quick results. You can order Tru Niagen Pro 500 tablets from Concierge MDLA, Live Helfi, or TheFeed.

Muscle protection

People start getting muscle pain as they age because they lose some blood vessels in their muscles. As NAD levels in each cell decline, the blood flow to the muscles and the signals within the blood vessels get minimized. Regular extra doses of NAD can reverse this effect, preventing blood vessel loss and maintaining steady blood flow to all the muscles. It aids in protecting muscles from degenerating with age and recovery from injury.

Improved metabolism

The most significant benefit of NAD+ is boosting metabolism as it is a vital coenzyme helping maintain a smooth metabolic process. It is necessary for proper oxidation in all our cells and liver function, which breaks down all the food we eat. Proper metabolism helps absorb maximum energy from food, preventing the storage of fat in our cells. NAD intake in every form boosts metabolism and aids in natural weight loss.

Anti-aging benefits

Anti-aging processes aim to increase blood flow to all the minute veins to prevent vascular aging. Aging starts when our veins do not get enough blood supply and gradually die, causing wrinkles. NAD IV therapy will help avoid vein death, maintaining youthfulness in the body for a long time. Women must invest in regular NAD treatment, an ideal solution to all their anti-aging needs. 

Cancer prevention

Women are prone to getting uterus cancer or infection, leading to the removal of their reproductive organs. Chronic diseases like cancer occur because one cell starts multiplying abundantly without control. Regulating the proteins in all cells to keep them functioning normally will prevent such deadly diseases. Preventing NAD decline through external intake helps with protein malfunction at the mitochondrial level. Prevent breast cancer by regularly supplying the body with the necessary amount of NAD, compensating for its natural loss with age. 

Fighting fatigue

Fatigue is a great problem for most women because they struggle with overwork and stress daily. NAD+ therapy is well-known for its energy-boosting properties. They aid in ATP production that provides ample energy to the human body. Fatigue gets reduced automatically when the body gets energized, and NAD+ IV therapy is the best way to do it at the cellular level. An energized body has better focus, and a focused mind can sort things out better and make wiser decisions.

Pain management

A survey states nearly 62% of women suffer from untold pain when they reach forty because of overwork and muscular inflammation. People indulging in outdoor activities often get inflammation in their muscles, causing immense body pain. Sports enthusiasts and fighters usually take advanced NAD+ treatment to bring down inflammation in the muscles and get immediate relief from pain. More women should start trying the same to rejuvenate their aching bodies and stay protected from pain. Research regarding using NAD as a pain control agent for chronic diseases is still under development.

Improves cognitive functions

Brain cells communicate through neurons, and the NAD coenzyme is known to protect neurons from dying. Neuron degeneration in the brain is a typical process that occurs with age leading to diminished cognition. Maintaining the right level of NAD in the brain helps retain the sharpness even in old age. Memory loss is prevented, and concentration remains the same as you age. Starting a NAD therapy regimen in middle age when NAD starts to decline in our cells helps fight memory loss as you get older.