A virtual or an online event helps people to interact in a virtual environment via website links or apps. The best part is your audience doesn’t need to attend the event from a physical location. They can enjoy multi-session through an online event.

If we consider Singapore, conferences, career fairs, seminars, and trade shows are becoming virtual these days. Moreover, the virtual events in Singapore are becoming more famous day by day. These events help connect the brand to a larger audience, unveil new products, or attract job seekers.

But the question is, are there any ways to make an online event more engaging? So, in this article, we have shared the top 7 tips for conducting an impactful virtual event.

Top 7 Ways To Organize A Successful Virtual Event

1. Understand What Your Audience Wants

Before conducting a virtual event in Singapore you need to get a solid grasp of the general psyche of the audience.

Confirm whether they are interested in an online event or not? Are they tech-savvy to join the event? Likewise, you can create a list of some queries and know your audience more. It will make a solid demographic profile of participants.

There is a list of some important questions that you must ask:

  • Are they familiar with or active in social media platforms? If yes, then which one?
  • What are their fields of interest?
  • Which offers do they like most? For example, sweepstakes, discount codes, flat off, or others.

To ease the work, you can send out a survey form to them via link. Your online event will be successful when your audience prefers to join it remotely.

2. Clear Your Format

Like other in-person events, virtual events have many formats. Its different types are:

  • A seminar
  • Tradeshow
  • A workshop
  • A product launch, and more.

In the end, you need to create an unforgettable and unique experience with an online event. And must be different from your strongest competitors.

If you have enough budget, add a "storyboard" or personalized theme. It helps create a visually approaching background that impresses the guests and staff.

3. A Platform to Organize an Event

Do you know you have many options for live streaming online events? And some most popular of them are FB (Facebook) Livestream, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and more.

Usually, these platforms offer the basic and the streaming features. It depends on you, whatever you are choosing as per your needs.

However, if you prefer an event management company for creating a successful virtual event in Singapore; fortunately, there are options. Also, they may offer you a free trial of arrangements before your event day. It allows you to become familiar with basic online event functionality. Also, you can test the planning for your events like live tech support and timeliness.

4. Choose a Venue

For organizing a large-scale virtual event, the venue should be perfect. If it's an online event, it doesn't mean that you can conduct it in an office. Well, it can save your money but as per your brand's impression choosing a venue is a better option. 

For example, to conduct the corporate events in Singapore you will still need a host, speaker, and workshops.

All this can't be done from a room!

The entire thing will look cheap if the event is held in a cramped briefing space.

So, it's better to find a venue that has the basic arrangements such as; audio/visual equipment or a stage with a podium. Also, consider checking the cameras; they should zoom in and out. Your audience will get better and clear visuals with good camera quality.

5. Approach a Good Host

Have you thought about who is going to host your event?

Either choose a staff member with a good knowledge of the audience and who is presentable to an online audience. Moreover, if you don't want to take chances, hire a professional speaker.

A host for the virtual event must have some qualities like;

  • Speak clearly
  • Ability to approach people
  • Better in interacting with the audience
  • Responding to the queries of audiences.
  • And friendly with online events or have the same experience.

Hiring a host is comparatively a better idea than assigning this task to your in-house staff. It is because sometimes hosts need to respond to some moments unexpectedly in an event. For example, if the speaker is late, the host can handle the event and prevent users from signing out.

Moreover, these days, there is a new trend of two hosts in a virtual event or on an online platform. They make the event more interesting by communicating with each other and the audience. Choosing it could be beneficial for making an event more attractive.

6. Confirm Time And Date

There are no geographical troubles while executing an online event. But date and time are still important factors to consider.

Further, you can choose from the weekend dates to acquire more and more audience. Also, check if there is any public holiday or another important festival on the same date. You won't be able to attain an audience if your event date clashes with any festival.

If you are confused, then ask your audience to suggest a date and time for conducting an event. One more thing to consider is the total oversea participants.

Moreover, it's important to consider all participants and arrange the time of a corporate event or a tradeshow accordingly.

7. Marketing of Your Event

Just like other in-person events, virtual events also need marketing. And in this situation, social media comes. You can market your event on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Moreover, there are some event marketing techniques listed below;

  • Instagram and Snapchat can be used for showing the event preparations to your viewers.
  • Post some social media content that includes links to other important information, like Bios of the speaker, tutorials for event registration, vlogs, and more.
  • Create hashtags for events and urge followers to use the same.
  • You can use newsletters as promotional tools for your email subscribers.

Final Thoughts

In the end, a business needs to be flexible and adapt to the challenges. And the streaming technology has shown how the preference of audiences have changed. Furthermore, for conducting corporate events in Singapore, choosing online streaming is the right option.

Hopefully, this guide has made you understand the best way of conducting a successful online event. And later, it will help your brand to grow and propel itself.