Solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy bills, and they can provide you with enough power to run most of your appliances. The high cost of electricity and an a free energy source as abundant as the sun, it makes sense to put your roof to work for you. 

There are a myriad of reasons you should switch to solar, but if you are still not convinced, we have listed 7 reasons that may change your mind.

1.  Reduced Power costs

Solar panels are a great way to cut your electricity bills in half. By generating free solar power during the entire 25-year lifetime of an installation, you can save thousands on monthly expenses by simply installing one set of these units at home or work!

To put things more concretely: even if someone doesn't produce all 100% of his/her needs through our new installations, most people find themselves cutting down by about 80%.

2. Boost the properties value

Solar power will help you increase the value of your house - either by buying a new one or selling it. Adding solar panels to a home can add about $5000-$15000 in real estate value, according to recent studies!

Solar energy systems will soon become a prerequisite for home buyers, and those who install them early are reaping the benefits. As property owners know that they have an advantage over competitors in sales with solar power capabilities, demand is on increase as well!

3. Protection against the rising cost of electricity

In the past 10 years, residential electricity prices have gone up by an average of 3% per year. By investing in a solar system now you can generate your own power and protect yourself from unpredictable increases - all while making better forecasts for what comes next!

Solar power is a great investment for people who are looking to invest in their future. With solar panels, you can take control of your energy needs and make sure it's the cheapest possible without relying on volatile prices set by the government or industry-backed cartels!

4. Environmental benefits

Save the planet's environment today by switching to Solar Power. Solar panel installation has become very popular over the last few years because of the environmental benefits they provide.

Businesses are finding that sustainability and corporate social responsibility are not only the right thing to do but also good for business. Increasingly customers find it rewarding when they choose a company with green credentials.

Some of our most successful companies have integrated these values into their culture from day one; because we know how important this has been in building trust within communities as well as increasing brand awareness among clients or supporters (and therefore revenue).

5. Free electric car charging

The time of fossil fuels is over. The future belongs to solar power, and companies are starting their engines now before it becomes too late!

Electric cars are quickly taking over the market and with generating your own power comes greatly reduce travel costs as you can power your car through the day while it;’s parked in your garage.

Not only that, but you can use  an 82 kW battery in your car (Tesla 3) to store energy and power your home at night negating the need to purchase a costly stand alone solar battery.

 6. Reliability

The potential to generate money for you is why solar panels are not only an investment but also the go-to choice when it comes time to invest. Unlike other investments that always cost something - like electricity from fossil fuels or nuclear power plants which need constant upkeep in order to continue functioning efficiently—solar systems offer a great return on your initial outlay with no maintenance required

This means if there ever came an energy crisis where all sources had suddenly stopped would be able to get by without any problem whatsoever thanks solely due to this one costly yet invaluable asset: The Solar System!

7.  Earn money with feed-in tariffs Solar

You may be surprised to learn that you could earn money just by producing more electricity than what your household uses. This is because energy providers compensate consumers with an incentive fee for any excess power they produce over and above the amount consumed in a billing cycle!

Distributed energy production is gaining momentum as more people realize they can make money by selling excess power.

Whether you're generating your own solar panels and wind turbines or purchasing batteries to store intermittent sources like hydropower — earning cash for supplying something greater than what's required isn't just good economics; It also helps combat climate change!

Is it worth getting solar panels?

Solar panels are a large expense upfront, but the benefits of solar systems makes it very worthwhile. Solar panels are an investment in not only clean sustainable energy, but in yearly savings up to 90% of your current power bill. Depending on the size of your system, they will pay for themselves over 3 - 4 years and last for 25 year. Solar power is worth it in the short and long term.

Author bio: Ben is a renewable energy enthusiast with over 15 years of industry writing experience. Ben runs GoSolarQuotes help homeowners find the best solar solution. Go here for more articles on solar installation.