Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, reaching new heights every day. Situated in the greenest desert region, Phoenix has been declared the sunniest metropolitan city in the United States and also an important hub for business. This capital city of Arizona is witnessing progressive growth in business, economy, technology, and population.

Undoubtedly, Phoenix is witnessing the fastest developments in infrastructure and economy, but there is one thing that is worrying the people, the increase in truck accidents. The rise in fatalities is a signal for people to get to know Phoenix truck accident laws to protect their rights in case of misfortune. A prior understanding of road accident laws will also help you with hiring attorneys and claiming insurance.

The Rise of Road Accidents in Arizona

The greenest desert city, Phoenix, is recognized for scenic roads and a controlled traffic system. But despite all the developments in the city, Phoenix is witnessing an increasing number of road accidents, particularly car and truck accidents. Recent records say Phoenix saw approximately 41,000 car accidents in 2021–2022. The number of fatalities has touched around 300, and the number of road accident injuries has exceeded 16,000.

7 Reasons Why Truck Accidents are Increasing in Phoenix

Phoenix is considered one of the most affordable places to live in America because the average cost of living is comparatively lesser than in other metropolitan cities. Perhaps, the fastest-growing population is the reason why Phoenix is witnessing an increasing number of truck accidents yearly. According to experts, the most common reasons behind Phoenix’s rise in road fatalities and injuries can be:


The most common reason behind road accidents is over-speeding. Many drivers do not realize that constant over-speeding mostly leads to control failures. After reaching the maximum speed, it becomes difficult to avoid sudden obstruction, leading to horrific accidents.

Trucks usually carry a massive load, and according to surveys conducted on truck accidents worldwide, the most common reason has always been over-speeding.

Poor Road Conditions

Sometimes, it is not the driver’s fault but the condition of the road. A sudden roadside ditch or an under-construction site that is not visible from far can lead to minor or major accidents.

Negligence of Truck Drivers

Driving a truck is way more challenging than driving a car; a lot of patience and skills are required to handle these gigantic vehicles. Because trucks often carry heavy loads, the driver has to be extra careful. But mostly, serious troubles are caused by the negligence of truck drivers, for instance, overlooking punctured tires, failing to repair malfunctioning horns and brakes, misjudging speed and distance, and many other reasons.

Drunk Driving

Consuming alcohol and driving is not only a big crime but also a harm to the self. High alcohol consumption can make drivers feel drowsy and cause major accidents.

Avoiding Maintenance

Trucks are heavy-duty vehicles thus, require time-to-time maintenance to keep functioning smoothly. Failing to provide proper maintenance can lead to engine, brake, accelerator, or clutch failures. All of these faults result in fatal accidents.

Distractions While Driving

Driving requires a lot of concentration, whether you are driving a car or a truck. A common distraction like talking over the phone while driving or playing loud music and failing to listen to the horns of vehicles often leads to accidents.

Bad Weather Conditions

Sometimes, neither the drivers nor the roads have much to do with accidents because bad weather conditions prove very dangerous. Sudden thunderstorms, snow storms, and heavy rainfalls can be the reason behind fatal accidents; therefore, it is better not to drive during such times.

Summing Up

Accidents do not always occur because of the driver’s negligence; it can also be a mistake of other drivers. But what happens when you suffer injuries because of someone else’s mistakes? You have the right to fight and claim compensation; an accident attorney helps you with that. So, it is wise to know the laws of your state to avoid future hassles.