Indeed, writing essays is not everyone’s stronghold. For some students, developing an interesting piece takes a lot of time and effort. But you need the marks to boost your grade, which means doing everything possible to bring your ideas to life.

A considerable part of writing a good essay is understanding what to do and what to avoid. You may also search for professional essay writing services and let experts write my essays by domyessay services and handle your assignments for a quality guarantee as you focus on other activities. This guide discusses some common mistakes students make when writing essays and what to do to avoid them.

Failure to Seek Professional Help

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This way, you will have a unique essay that adheres to all the academic standards and guidelines—no matter how strict they are. Moreover, this will grant you extra time to concentrate on other facets of your academic pursuits and social engagements.

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Missing Thesis Statements 

The thesis statement could be compared to the spine of your essay. The statement describes the essay’s main point, so if you don’t include the statement in your introduction, the readers will have a hard time understanding what the essay is about.

The thesis statement is typically positioned toward the conclusion of your introductory paragraph. Make it catchy to capture the reader’s attention. An example of a thesis statement is: “Essay writing can be an overwhelming task for many students, but with practice, and tips, you can become an effective essay writer.” Should you need assistance, reach out to top paper writing services that possess extensive knowledge of proficient essay writing.

Failure to Research Relevant Facts

Your essay should be valuable to the readers, which means you need to include factual information. Also, including statistics and facts add realism to your essay.

However, that shouldn’t prompt you to add irrelevant information just for the sake of it. Avoid going off on tangents and instead focus on information relevant to your subject. Delve deep into your research to find quotes from recognized authorities and experts in the field.

Again, don’t spam facts and statistics. Use the stats to make your ideas more manageable and easier to understand.

Improper Citation and Poor Referencing 

Copyrights must be respected when writing essays, so proper citation is essential. Otherwise, your work may be flagged as plagiarized, which results in poor grades, and sometimes you could face legal consequences.

Be sure to cite all your sources according to your particular formatting style guidelines, such as APA or MLA. Citing sources correctly also gives credibility and authority to your essay.

Poor Sentence Structure 

Ideas expressed in sentences must be clear and concise. You want each idea to flow in an easily understandable manner, which is only achievable with well-structured sentences.

Poor sentence structure can ruin an otherwise good essay and confuse the readers. For example, using too many clauses in a statement can make it very difficult to parse. In the same way, incomplete or fragment sentences offer no value to the reader, so avoid those.

Filler Words 

Sometimes, students are in so much hurry to complete their essays that they don’t take the time to edit and proofread their content. Consequently, you may find sentences with filler words that add no value to your essay. Avoid using such words as “basically,” “actually,” or “literally.” You can also check your work for any other potential fillers that you can eliminate without affecting the sentence’s meaning.

Avoid redundancies like “past memories” and “true facts.” While such words may sound interesting, they add no value to the essay and only bloat the content.

First-Person Voice

Unless your professor instructs you to, avoid using first-person voice, such as “I” or “we,” in your essays. First-person voice can make your writing sound subjective, weakening your work’s impact and credibility. Also, it reduces the flexibility to express different points without sounding biased or opinionated.

Therefore, use a third-person voice to maintain objectivity and make your essay more professional. In the case of writing directions or a how-to essay, you may opt to employ the second-person voice. Ensure that the number and person of your verbs are consistent throughout the paper.

Incorrect Punctuation and Grammar

Punctuation has the power to entirely alter a sentence’s meaning. For example, consider the sentence: “He said, I can’t do it.” Here, the comma after “said” indicates that the speaker is echoing another person’s words. However, if you write, “He said I can’t do it,” it suggests that he himself is saying those words.

Therefore, consider punctuation marks like commas and semicolons when writing your essay. In addition to allowing for precise communication, proper punctuation adds fluency and a creative flair to your writing.

Avoid exclamation and question marks when writing a formal essay unless you are quoting a source. Also, be aware of homophones with different spellings and meanings—e.g., their/there/they’re—as misusing them may lead to confusion or mistakes in your essay.

To Sum Up

Essay writing is akin to an art form that demands consistent practice and commitment to perfection. Ensure that you’re not committing any of these errors, as they could potentially diminish the quality of your essay. Follow the tips from the best essay writing services mentioned above to ensure you have crafted a well-structured and error-free piece of writing.