Fashion is an art and an excellent way for you to express yourself. It is easy to develop your signature style once you know how. After all, you are the hero of your life's story, so you should look the part.

What Is a Signature Style?

Almost by definition, a signature style necessitates wearing something that suits your unique style and also works for you, in functional terms. It is also something that is–regardless of the shifts in trends–a deliberate rejection of the trends. Meanwhile, it should also suit you and express who you are.

To this end, the first battle in finding your signature style is knowing who you are and what works for you. It is not simply about dressing up, but about dressing utterly as yourself, with conviction.

Voicing Your Style With Custom T-Shirt Printing

T-shirts are a casual wardrobe staple that you can dress up for a smart, casual look. 

Cotton T-shirts are the most common kinds of tees. T-shirts are a staple of casual wear, but you can drape a baggy custom T-shirt over pants or wear a T-shirt under a leather jacket to create fashionable looks.

And, apart from the available printing on T-shirts, you can also create your one-of-a-kind custom shirts with online customized T-shirt printing options. They let you design the graphic, choose the texture, fabric, and color, and offer previews of the product before you can go ahead with the print.

This article will discuss how to add signature style to your customized t-shirts.

1. Find Style Inspiration

Nowadays, social media makes it easier to find new styles that we might like. If you are starting with your signature look, checking out fashionistas and influencers on social media is a great place to start.

You do not have to model your look after them, but you can learn from their process. Start by looking at their older pictures and outfits, then pay attention to how their signature look has developed over time.

Then, find your starting place and try to grow your style similarly. Remember, people on social media are examples of how your style can grow; you do not have to copy their look exactly.

2. Mix and Match Different Styles

When you are experimenting with custom printed T-shirts, do not be afraid to make mistakes. This is how you learn what works. There are also various ways to create your own custom t shirt printing designs online, with varying necklines, colors, sleeve lengths and materials.

There are various t shirt templates to reflect your mood. But also use getting dressed daily as an opportunity to be artistic.

If you feel like playing around with hues and textures, go right ahead! Show off your creative flair, and it will not be long before you get noticed for all the right reasons.

3. Decide What You Like

Once you have exhausted every media outlet, create an inspiration board of looks, pieces, colors, and prints that you like and could see yourself adopting into your own individualistic fashion style.

Like the appearance of a particular celebrity? Put them on your board. Adore a specific fashion trend of the moment? Board. Are you in love with a particular fabric? You know what to do.

Once your board is complete, pin it to your bedroom wall or somewhere that it is visible daily to remind you of the aesthetic you are aiming for.

4. Know What Suits You

As you experiment, you will soon learn what works for you and what doesn't. It is all about dressing for your body shape, figuring out which colors, patterns, and silhouettes suit you, and having a blast in the process.

Over time, you will develop your personal fashion favorites and that signature style becomes like your own personal uniform.

5. Show Your Personality and Interests

Researchers have proof that fashion is an extension of your personality. It is one of the first things most people notice when they see you. Strangers can make assumptions about you based on what you are wearing. 

Printed T-shirts with clashing prints? They must be quite the character. All neutrals? They probably play it safe. Smart business wear? They are likely to be intelligent with prestigious jobs.

Sometimes you are judged by others before you even open your mouth, so your fashion style is an excellent way to show who you really are. 

For example, are you loud and positive as a person? Reflect this by wearing complex, colorful printed tees that stand out from the crowd.

Stay true to who you are, and the rest will fall into place.

6. Utilize the Power of Accessories

The right accessories can take a look and transform it into your own style. Adding the right belt, jewelry, or even a hat can make an outfit your own. The key to getting the right accessories for your t-shirt is to try as many accessories as possible.

This does not mean you have to buy the whole store. Instead, start by mixing and matching what you already have. You may find that these combinations help to define and refine your signature style.

7. Add Sentimental Touches

Finish your signature style with little touches unique to you, not just what's been inspired by blogs or celebrities. This could include wearing items of a deceased loved one to feel close to them or putting on a lace glove as an accessory just because you like how it looks.

Either way, do what feels natural for your fashion style. Be yourself. There is only one you in the whole wide world, and that is your power.

8. Do not Be Afraid to Grow and Evolve

Like most parts of your life, your personal style will change and evolve as time goes on. So, it would be best if you embraced the changes in your preferences and style as a sign of growth and improvement.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to give off different vibes now than you did several years ago. And it is perfectly normal to want to wear other things from day to day. The secret to developing your signature look is to ensure it continues growing.


Customizing T-shirt prints to perfection needs not only creativity but also perseverance. Creating your signature fashion style for your T-shirts with custom design prints is a gradual process. If you find it difficult to master the nuances of designing your t-shirt print, get the help of online designing tools that can do the technical work for you. 

Once you have mastered your original look, all it takes is the right attitude to pull it off. Being comfortable in what you wear will give you confidence, and it won't be long before your style empowers you to take on the world daily.