Are you looking to start your business on Etsy but need help knowing where to begin? Selling digital products might be the answer! Digital products are items that buyers can download or access online, making them a convenient option for both sellers and buyers.

Here are 9 top digital products you can sell on Etsy to grow your online business:

1. Printable Artwork

Printable artwork consists of pictures or designs that people can print at home. They can be things like wall art, posters, or digital drawings. People like them because they're easy to buy and decorate with. To sell printable artwork, ensure your designs are aesthetic and unique, and educate buyers on editing and using them.

2. Digital Planners and Organizers

Digital planners are getting popular. They help people organize their days, weeks, or months on their phones or computers. You can make different types, like daily planners or yearly ones. To sell them, let people know how to customize and make them better.

3. Logos and Typography

Logos and typography are all about making things look aesthetic or professional. Logos are symbols, while typography is arranged letters, but they both represent a brand. They're essential for businesses, so invest in professional software for designing a logo and typography design. Ensure your products are trendy and versatile if you want to sell them.

4. SVG Files for Crafting

SVG files are like digital blueprints for crafting projects. People use them to make things like T-shirts or decorations. There are lots of crafting projects you can do with SVG files. If you want to sell them, ensure your designs are fun and easy to use.

5. Digital Invitations and Templates

Digital invitations are excellent for inviting people to events without using paper. You can make them for weddings, birthdays, or other special occasion. People like them because they're easy to send and customize. Make sure your designs are stylish and fit different events.

6. Digital Patterns for Sewing and Crafting

Digital patterns are instructions for making things with fabric or yarn. They can be for sewing, knitting, or crocheting. People like them because they're easy to download and use. To sell them, make sure your patterns are clear and easy to follow.

7. E-books and Digital Guides

E-books and e-guides are digital books people can download and read on their devices. They can be about anything, from cooking to gardening. Ensure your books are helpful and your designs look nice if you want to sell them.

8. Digital Wallpapers and Screensavers

Digital wallpapers and screensavers are decorations for your phone or computer. People like them because they're easy to change and make their devices look fantastic. Make sure your designs are trendy and high-quality if you want to sell them.

9. Social Media Templates and Graphics

Social media templates and graphics are tools for making posts or graphics for social media. They can be for Instagram, Pinterest, or other platforms. People like them because they make their social media look professional. Make sure your designs are easy to customize and fit different styles.


Selling digital products on Etsy can be a great way to make money. Remember to be creative, produce good quality products, and research what people like. If you do that, you can successfully sell digital products on Etsy.