It is always an essential thing to have a bright smile and a fresh breath. Our mouth is the first gateway for many bacteria, pathogens, germs, etc affecting the rest of the body parts. One of the primary reasons that undermine our dental health is our stressful modern lives. Consequently, poor oral health hygiene leads to various potential diseases and chronic medical conditions linked to the development of heart disease, auto-immune disease, and cancer. Hence; with a wide range of complex issues ranging from periodontal diseases to congenital anomalies, there are various restorative procedures available like dental implants and Affordable Dentures .

Therefore, on this page, you will explore the extended and some prime Benefits of Dentures over Implants along with the Different Dentures Types. Additionally, the document will also help you to understand What Are Dental Implants and can guide you in a decision-making process.

Let us first embark on our journey to discover the following topics. 

What are dentures

These are protective false devices constructed as an artificial replacement to replace the missing teeth or both jaws. These are an alternative full-arch restorative permanent solution for individuals who have lost their natural teeth depending on various factors like aging and accidents. They are the removal oral appliances tailored to address the resemblance of natural teeth in shape, size, and color and fit easily over the gum socket. The entire structure is made by a specialized doctor/

surgeon aiming to rejuvenate your smile and sense of confidence. The below diagram posted will give you a more precise idea of the model and shape.

Unique Benefits of Dentures over Implants- The seamless way of replacing missing teeth has some major benefits giving the best natural appearance possible. Please scroll down to navigate some crucial Benefits of Dentures over Implants. 

  • They are considered the cheapest way to design your smile.
  • The removal of prosthetic devices/ appliances is invasive and versatile.
  • They are an immediate faster restorative solution that fits comfortably over the gum.
  • They are custom-fitted structures that can last above an average period of 10 years.
  • Approximately a healthy restorative solution takes 6 weeks to 3 months from initial consultation to fitting adjustments.                     

Run Down through the Different Dentures Types 

Until now we know that dentures are the most customized healthy solution/ options that enhance the quality of life by preventing further teeth-related problems. The false manufactured teeth made from a variety of materials like resin, porcelain, polycarbonates, etc come in five different types. Please find the  Different Dentures Types in the below paragraph.

  • Complete/ Full Fixtures- The custom-made prosthetic fixtures are fabricated to replace the upper and lower jaw both providing permanent stability and support.
  • Partial Fixtures- They are held in place to a section of missing teeth consisting of attached gum-coloured base structures.
  • Immediate Fixtures- They are designed in advance and are placed in your mouth immediately after the tooth- extraction giving an instant natural appearance and functions.
  • Implant-Supported Fixtures- They are surgically attached to the implant into the jaw bone providing lifetime restorative solutions.
  • Overdentures- Unlike traditional fixtures, they are also one type of secured artificial false fixtures, which rely solely on adhesive suction for retention.

However, as we have discussed the Different Dentures Types, let us now understand what you mean by dental implants. 

What Are Dental Implants

These are the common questions, hence, by delving into the details, you can make your choice with confidence. Dental Implants are permanent medical solution devices for mimicking the natural tooth structure( enamel, dentin, and root cement) significantly enhancing the natural-looking smile. The artificial fixture system consists of three main surgical components namely an abutment fixation screw, an implant body, and prosthesis restoration. Artificial tooth root procedures are the most popular treatment that comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the price and preferences. Furthermore, the tooth-related artificial fixtures provides long-term benefits in terms of stability and functionality. They are effective sturdy foundation restorative structures that function similarly to natural teeth.     

The diagram below will explain the structure of the prosthetic teeth installation compared to a natural tooth.