One of the most fun-filled and indeed, lucrative, ways of encouraging the community to donate to a worthy cause or local charity is to organize a charity bake sale.

Whether you are somewhat of an expert baker yourself, or you are much more suited to the organizational element, then this article is for you. Continue reading for a simple guide to hosting a charity bake sale.

Always Pick a Weekend!

The most important point to remember is that, in order to ensure your edible fundraiser is as successful, and indeed as profitable as possible, is to choose a date, day, and time when the maximum potential number of people could attend.

Even though fairly new changes to the world of business, such as the introduction of hybrid working, have meant that people tend to work at different times, you are still bound to hold a busier fundraiser on a Saturday or Sunday.

Over Staff!

Often, when organizing such an event, people are more than happy to donate items, bake cakes and cookies, and provide raffle prizes, but they are significantly less willing to offer their time.

For this reason as, presumably, working the bake sale will be purely on a voluntary basis, it makes sense to ask more people than you think you will need. Inevitably, just as with an invite to a party, fewer people will show up on the day itself than initially confirm.

Even if you find yourself with more volunteers than are needed, at least they can help you with other elements of the day, such as setting up the stalls, counting money, and tidying up the area afterwards.

The Bigger the Selection, the Better!

Even if you, if you do say yourself, are somewhat of a star baker when it comes to fruit cakes, but have never managed to get the hang of fudge and toffee, then ahead of your charity bake sale, you should either invest in a cookbook and learn, or else recruit someone who has.

The larger the selection of bakes, the more money you are likely to raise for your worthy cause, with the main different types being as follows:

  • Fruit cakes, vanilla sponges, and chocolate fudge cakes
  • Trifles and pavlovas
  • Fudge and toffee
  • Brownies and blondies
  • Bakewell tarts
  • Cupcakes, fairy cakes, and cake pops

Reference the Charity!

Another top tip for any fundraiser in general, but especially a bake sale, is to reference the charity in the design of the stalls and in the products you are selling, or raffling, themselves.

For cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats, head to and check out the wonderful selection of different styles and sizes of customized stencils. With the charity’s endorsement, having cakes with the name of the charity will help to publicize your event and of course, sell more cakes!

Additionally, a lovely touch would be to personalize a few cupcakes to give out as ‘thank-yous’ to your loved ones and the other volunteers for giving their time.