We all want to travel freely without any extra financial worries. Yes, traveling anyway requires some budgeting and saving, especially when there are two people in the game!

However, when we talk about extra expenses, these often include unexpected health conditions:

  • Sudden ailments.
  • Meeting with an accident.
  • Emergency return due to deteriorating health conditions.
  • Personal injuries caused by someone else.
  • Chronic disease worsens in a certain environment.

These could leave extra expenses that someone was not thinking about beforehand. Hence, haven't saved enough for it. This is why, if you are a couple who wishes to embark on every adventure lined up for their amusement, a couple's travel health insurance is very important.

What Is A Travel Couple's Health Insurance

If this is your first time hearing such an elaborate term, then understand it is not much different than regular travel health insurance with a few tweaks.

According to Healthcare2U, a healthcare service provider, this is a type of insurance designed specifically for couples who want to travel together. They open a joint account with an insurance provider either on an annual plan or a year before their travel plan.

It covers a few healthcare-related needs that might come unexpectedly. Such insurance can also cover other expenses that are not immediate but caused by a previously known ailment that someone is suffering from. These are the few factors that it will overall cover.

  • Medical Coverage: Insurance for any health-related issue. 
  • Emergency Evacuation: This is when someone is suffering from a serious medical issue and has to immediately evacuate with the help of an air ambulance. Insurance will cover the cost of evaluation and treatment.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: The couple's travel health insurance also has a plan that covers most of the pre-existing conditions suffered by one or both parties.
  • Optional Add-Ons: These are optional premium additions couples can get. For example, lost baggage, trip delays, and personnel injuries caused by someone else's negligence during traveling.

Importance Of Couple's Travel Health Insurance

Now that you know what a couple's travel health insurance is, here is why you should get this insurance before your big travel plans.

1. Unexpected Medical Needs

No one is thinking about having an accident when they are traveling or falling sick to some element from the change of air. However, it does happen, and this is where you regret not having travel health insurance.

You cannot always rush your partner or spouse home at the fit of a medical emergency. Admitting them to a foreign hospital only to realize that your insurance company won't cover it is a scary thought.

However, when you have travel health insurance, there will be exceptions. This means the insurance will cover any form of injury or medical expenses caused during the trip. This includes both pre and post-illment/accident expenses. Therefore, in cases like this, the foreign hospital entity wouldn't matter. Rather, the travel will.

2. Suffering From Chronic Disease

Chronic disease includes diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, other blood pressure-related issues, allergies, etc. Other more serious diseases would include heart problems. You might never know what kind of environment might trigger these chronic health issues and worsen them.

Most importantly, when you are traveling to places you haven't been before. In times of immediate medical emergencies, thinking about insurance is fruitless. That is why you need travel health insurance for you and your partner so that if any chronic ailment worsens, the insurance company will cover the treatment and medical cost (even in a foreign land).

3. Compliance With Visa

In some countries, it is mandatory for travelers to have travel health insurance for the approval of their Visa. Therefore, you also need to be compliant with the country's requirements. Before reaching the Visa office and then realizing that you both do not have insurance, it is better to get one now.

4. Compensation For Trip Interruption

Sometimes, it so happens that you are well prepared for your trip. However, you are unable to carry forth the plan due to a medical emergency. If you look through some premium couples' travel health insurance, they provide any form of compensatory cancellation fee due to medical emergencies.

An Average Idea Of The Cost

If you are planning to get a couple's travel health insurance upon understanding the importance of one, then here is a division of how much it can cost you in general. Always remember that a couple's insurance will differ from age to age and whether one party is suffering from some serious ailment with regular medication.

But here is the average monthly cost:

  • Age: 20

Cheapest: $15

Average: $17

  • Age: 30

Cheapest: $11

Average: $14

  • Age: 40

Cheapest: $11

Average: $14

  • Age: 50 

Cheapest: $13

Average: $16

  • Age: 60 

Cheapest: $15

Average: $20

Beyond 60, the cost will only increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever any insurance-related queries knock, we are all worried about loopholes. Afterall, it is no surprise that even insurance coverage companies are trying to save their pennies. Especially when it comes to health insurance, you wouldn't want to deal with any excess argument and simply wish to receive the treatment.

This is why we have collected some of the frequently asked questions from couples wondering about a couple's health insurance.

1. What Is Exactly A ‘Couple' In A Couple's Health Insurance

This is probably one of the most insightful questions one can ask when dealing with a couple's insurance. Couple, in general, always means a lawful husband and wife, ordained by the law of that state as a married couple.

However, when it comes to insurance, the rules are a little different. For an insurance company providing an option of ‘couple's' travel health insurance constitutes of three important details:

  • They should be over 18.
  • The couples should live together in the same house.
  • They should be in a relationship.

2. What Kind Of Couple's Insurances Are Out There

When it comes to couple's insurance, there are different kinds:

If you are a couple who travels just once a year, you can avail of a single-trip couple's health insurance, preferably a year before your travel date.

As a couple, if you travel multiple times a year, you should avail yourself of annual insurance.

Depending on the geography, your insurance coverage will differ. So, when you sign up for health insurance, do specify which continent you will be traveling to.

3. Are Couple Insurances Cheaper?

Ans. Just like every other joint account, you get some monetary leverage when you opt for a couple's insurance. However, there are a few conditions:

If one of you is suffering from a chronic ailment that requires regular medication, the big ailment will require premium insurance. In this case, a couple's insurance, which is more beneficial for one individual, could be more expensive than another.

4. What Is Premium Health Insurance?

Ans. This is to help you understand the difference between normal and premium health insurance.

Premium health insurance is a comprehensive and top-tier healthcare coverage plan that typically offers a wide range of benefits and services. It goes beyond basic medical coverage by providing enhanced features such as access to a broad network of healthcare providers, minimal out-of-pocket expenses, and additional services like wellness programs, preventive care, and coverage for specialized treatments. 

Premium health insurance plans often come with higher monthly premiums, but they offer greater financial protection and access to high-quality healthcare. These plans are suitable for individuals or families who prioritize comprehensive healthcare coverage and are willing to invest in their well-being.