If you want to become a healthier person, then you need to lead a healthier lifestyle. It sounds incredibly obvious, yet few people subscribe to this principle. It is easy to set an ambitious goal for yourself and try and achieve it for a few weeks, but it is far harder to stick to it year after year.

This is certainly the case with health and fitness. Countless people set new year's resolutions for themselves, pleading with themselves to change their ways, to cut out bad food, and to hit the gym. The problem is that they don't adapt their lifestyle to match but try and cajole their new target into their existing habits.

It is a recipe for failure because it is your current habits and lifestyle that has caused the problem you want to solve in the first place.

Therefore, you need to start embarking on a whole new way of living, rather than just relying on your willpower to carry you through. Here is some useful advice for adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Improve the quality of your diet

The first step to leading a healthier lifestyle is to improve the quality of your diet. Again, many people try and avoid putting chocolate bars or empty carbs such as pasta into their shopping basket, but they don't attempt to change the very way they look at food, or interact with it in their life.

For example, it may be time to start shopping online, so you can better track what you are buying, and to avoid the temptation of spotting unhealthy foods or beverages in the shop. Alternatively, if you have friends who are constantly indulging in bad food or binge drinking, you may have to limit the exposure you have of them every week—as brutal as that sounds.

You may also want to start an entirely new diet, such as keto. This diet will help you eliminate unhealthy carbs from your diet and instead focus on healthy fats, which can help you lose weight faster. 

You can also find a lot of prepared keto meals, which can make it easier to integrate a diet into your lifestyle.

Exercise regularly 

Regular exercise should become a key part of your new and healthier lifestyle. Without exercise, you cannot call yourself healthy: full stop.

Thankfully, depending on your health goals, you don't have to train like Mike Tyson to become healthier; you could start doing yoga, jogging, swimming, or other comparatively gentle forms of exercise.

Get lots of fresh air

You should also make sure that you are getting enough fresh air every single day. Given how many people work in offices or at home, it may be difficult to expose yourself to fresh air during the working day. Therefore, make up for it by going for a walk on your lunch break or after hours. 

Meditate every day

Mindfulness is the key to a healthy life because it teaches you to get rid of toxic or unhelpful thoughts and to embrace the present moment. This can help you to develop better mental health—and a positive self image.