Australia is a country that's also a continent and the only place on the planet where you can find kangaroos. The sixth-largest country in the world has an impressive network of roadways. A Statista report says that 70% of Australians use their own vehicles to move around. This statistic also talks about the prevalence and importance of a driver's licence.

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If you're one of those people who thinks that a driver's licence is just another piece of paper, you're wrong. A licence brings numerous benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

The Freedom to Own a Vehicle

A driver's licence brings freedom. The days of relying on your friend's car or waiting for a cab are over.

The moment you get a driver's licence, you're qualified to drive your own vehicle. You don't have to feel bad about disturbing a family member or a friend to drive you around. You can simply get into your car (or motorcycle) and go about your way.

Another lesser-known advantage of a driver licence is its contribution to mental health. Individuals who're going through a rough patch will find it hard to ask for help to drive around or attend interviews. And without help, getting out of the rut becomes a Himalayan task.

Employment Opportunities

A driver's licence opens up a world of opportunities. Yes, these may not be the most well-paying jobs, but, at the end of the day, money is money.

Individuals with a driver's licence can apply for a wide range of jobs. From delivery agents to marketing executives, having a driver's licence is beneficial to an individual's career. Especially if they are someone who hates the concept of a desk job.

You Become the Designated Driver

A designated driver is someone who refrains from alcohol when hanging out as a group. The pre-requisites to become a designated driver are

  1. Don't get drunk
  2. Have a valid driver's licence

The first part is obvious. You cannot expect to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Not just because it is illegal, but also because your senses take a hit when you're drunk. Driving while under the influence of alcohol makes you dangerous, to you, the occupants of the car, and everyone else on the road.

The second part is important. Anyone who operates a vehicle is required to own a valid driver's licence. It is a sign that you're well versed in the rules of the road and that you know how to operate a vehicle safely.

A designated driver is pretty useful when friends go out to drink. You are considered responsible enough to stay sober throughout a drinking session and make sure that all your friends reach home safely.

You Can Drive in Other Countries

A driver's licence isn't just advantageous in Australia, but outside the country as well. If you're someone who travels frequently, a driver's licence comes in pretty handy. You could choose to use public transport or a taxi, but driving on the roads of a foreign country and trying to understand the local driving laws is a whole experience in itself.

Keep in mind that some countries may ask for an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive on their roads. You will be required to submit specific documents while applying for one. Also keep in mind that some countries will require both your IDP and your driver's licence to drive on their roads.

Final Thoughts

A driver's licence has numerous benefits. One benefit that outweighs them all is the freedom to not rely on others. The independence you get from driving your own vehicle and making your own rules is invaluable.

So if you've just turned 16 (or older; it doesn't really matter!) and have valid identity proof, apply for a learner's licence. This is the first step in getting your driver's licence. Make sure to find places that provide practice DKT (Driver Knowledge Test) so that you don't end up being blindsided during the test.