Shopping for homecoming dresses is almost as much fun as attending homecoming itself, and many individuals love the process of selecting their dream homecoming dress. However, this process can be long and tiring, especially if you are only visiting stores in person.

A great alternative to spending hours in malls looking for your homecoming dress is shopping online. Our article gives you a rundown of the best homecoming dress websites so you can expand your search for the perfect homecoming dress from the ease of your home.

Why Shop for Homecoming Dresses Online?

Shopping for homecoming dresses online might seem tedious to some, but it's one of the best ways to access a variety of homecoming dresses and styles, filter through your search options, and search for homecoming dresses according to your budget.

When you search online, you can easily click through styles that you might like and adjust your search options by sizes, tailoring the options of homecoming dresses you see to your exact preferences. Not only does this save time, but it makes the process of finding your homecoming dress a lot less stressful.

The Best Homecoming Dress Websites

We recommend the following homecoming dress websites as a great place to start your online search for the perfect homecoming dress.

Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill is one of the most prominent homecoming, semi-formal, and formal gown websites, and there is no shortage of beautiful homecoming dress options available through the Sherri Hill homecoming collection.

Whether you are looking for a shorter homecoming dress, a more form-fitting bodycon dress, or a whimsical homecoming dress that shows off your unique style, Sherri Hill has a lot to offer. Plus, with a variety of styles, lengths, colors, and patterns, you're sure to find the homecoming dress of your dreams through this collection.


Windsor has long since been a staple when it comes to shopping for formal gowns, prom dresses, and homecoming dresses. This store is often seen in malls and shopping strips, but their online website provides an even greater variety of options with the added ease of filtering your searches to your exact homecoming dress preferences.

Try out Windsor if you want to view the options this classic store has without the added effort of finding a local store near you.


A popular online retailer for casual outfits, formal dresses, and homecoming dresses alike, Lulus offers reasonable prices on fashionable homecoming dresses. Browse the homecoming and semi-formal dresses on the Lulus website for homecoming style inspiration or to locate a dress that flatters you in every way possible.


Another homecoming dress staple store, Nordstrom offers both designer and store-branded homecoming dresses at reasonable prices. You can browse the online Nordstrom website to view a variety of homecoming dress styles, and you can even filter your search to see which homecoming dresses are on sale, allowing you to secure the best deal on your dress possible.


Macy's is a mall staple and one of the most popular department stores around today. While Macy's has a lot of options in their stores for both semi-formal and homecoming dresses, their website holds an even greater variety of homecoming dress styles.

You can find both designer and non-designer brands at Macy's, and their online website allows you to filter by size, style, and color so you can find your dream homecoming dress in no time.

Tips for Buying a Homecoming Dress Online

Many individuals may feel wary about purchasing a homecoming dress online because they aren't able to see the fit of the dress in person. It's understandable to have worries about how the dress will look once you receive it, which is why you should keep our tips for online homecoming dress shopping in mind as you browse your options.

When buying a homecoming dress online, you should:

  • Know your sizing and measurements; take accurate measurements and write them down to reference as you browse homecoming dress options by size. Always consult size charts on websites because sizing can vary from brand to brand.
  • Have an idea of the style and color of the dress you want or the style of dress that most flatters your figure, as this will help you choose between the variety of homecoming dresses available online.
  • Be open-minded about dresses. Oftentimes, you may fall in love with a dress that doesn't necessarily meet all of your preferences but makes you look and feel great all the same.
  • Be prepared to get your homecoming dress tailored, or to submit a return if necessary. Sometimes a dress just isn't what you thought it would be. In cases like this, don't hesitate to get your dress tailored or simply return it and try again.

Remember when shopping online for your homecoming dress that you should leave enough time for the dress to be delivered to you, and for any alterations or returns to be made. You don't want to be waiting last minute for your dress to arrive only to realize it doesn't fit you properly.

Plan on shopping for your homecoming dress online several months in advance of your homecoming event date.

Selecting Your Ideal Homecoming Dress

Selecting your ideal homecoming dress is a lengthy process, but you don't need to feel overwhelmed or exhausted going from store to store in person to find your dream dress. Browse our recommended websites to find the best homecoming dress for you without the added stress of spending hours searching for your ideal outfit in person.