If you want to improve your living conditions, replace windows and doors in Caledon. We recommend doing this in the near future because summer is the optimal season for such work.

Of course, first, you need to figure out how much money you need to allocate for the repair. After reading our article, you will know what factors affect the cost, as well as where you can buy quality products at a good price.

What Is the Average Cost to Install an Entry Door in Caledon?

The cost of such a project is affected by:

  • The material 

Steel or fiberglass are commonly used for door systems manufacturing. You can also buy tempered glass products.

Steel is a durable and reliable material that will maximize the safety of housing. It is resistant to bad weather conditions, requires minimal maintenance and looks quite stylish.

The cheapest steel door costs $650. 

Fiberglass has proven to be an excellent raw material for door manufacturing. Such structures are incredibly durable, energy-efficient and stylish. 

Fiberglass looks like wood, it is the best solution for those who want to increase the attractiveness of the house, adding a little classic to its design.

The price of the cheapest fiberglass model is $1600.

Glass is usually used for sliding door manufacturing. As a rule, they are installed in the courtyard. Such constructions visually expand space and let more light into the room.

The basic sliding door costs $799.

  • Size

The cost of the project may be affected by the size: the higher and wider the product, the more expensive the price.

  • Installation

In addition to purchasing the door, you need to allocate funds for its installation.

For example, installation of steel and fiberglass doors will cost $800, and sliding models - from $600.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost in Caledon?

As in the case of door structures, the cost of window replacement is affected by their size: the larger the window opening, the more expensive such a project will be.

Let's dwell on the other features:

  • Material

100% unprocessed vinyl nPVC is considered the most popular raw material on the market. It withstands sharp temperature fluctuations, is resistant to moisture, does not rot and does not deform.

  • Model

If you prefer fixed windows, look for picture and fixed casement models. For a basic picture window you have to pay $210 or more. Fixed casement models cost $10 more.

Alternatively, you can choose shaped windows, which are often used as part of a large window system. Prices for such windows vary from $550 to $1500, depending on the shape and size.

As for the swing windows, the most popular are casement models. Their starting price is $250. Single slider and single hung are a bit cheaper - from $220.

The most expensive are bay and now models: from $1500.

  • Installation

Installation cost is paid separately. The installation of picture, fixed casement, casement, single slider and single hung cost $160.

In turn, the installation of bay and bow models is significantly more expensive: 1500-2500$. This is due to the complexity of the installation of such structures.

Now you know the approximate price of windows and doors in Caledon. It's time to talk about where you can buy them. 

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