Camphor essential oil has been a key component in many traditional medicines for hundreds of years. Used consistently in aromatherapy, it's known for its woodlike yet slightly minty aroma. It also has a multitude of healthcare applications, making it quite a versatile essential oil to rely upon for general health and well-being.

In this article, we are going to go over the manifold uses of holy basil camphor essential oil and how it can take your healthcare regimen to new heights.

Practical Uses of Camphor Essential Oil

Here are a few key things that camphor essential oil can be utilized for:

Pain Relief

Camphor oil applied directly to the skin can help reduce pain and inflammation levels. Apply a few drops of the essential oil to your skin, or mix it in with some water in a bottle and spray it on the affected areas a few times a day for pain relief applications.

Its cooling properties can also drastically reduce pain for headaches and migraines. For these, apply a few drops to one's temples and gently massage them in. This will relax tension, which thus reduces one's headache.

Skin Care

Many creams, lotions, and other skin care products have camphor in it as a component. It has serious antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it a great tool to fight against skin-based infections. It is also known to increase collagen and elastin production in the body, which can help reduce wrinkles and other age-related marring of the skin.

Mix a few drops of camphor essential oil with a base oil of some kind and gently rub it into your skin at least once a day for healthier, more vibrant skin.

Helps With Respiratory Function

Inhaling camphor can help to disperse phlegm in the lungs and nasal tract. It can also soothe the throat due to its cooling effect.

A simple way of using camphor essential oil for respiratory issues is to add a few drops of it to hot water and inhale the vapors that follow.

Heals Burns

Camphor essential oil can be added to many things to assist with wound healing for burns.  In some fairly recent studies, it was found to be more beneficial when it comes to healing than even using Vaseline.

To do this, create a salve of camphor essential oil, sesame oil, and honey and apply it to the burn area. Healing times can vary based on the severity of the burns, so patience is needed.

Insect Repellent

It might seem strange, but camphor makes a fantastic insect repellent. Many claim that camphor has a similar smell to mothballs. Because of this, one can technically use them as a replacement for mothballs.

To do this, add camphor essential oil to cotton balls and distribute them in problematic locations throughout your household, such as closets, drawers, and other dark areas where insects congregate. With camphor essential oil, you can keep your clothing safe from insects, the natural way.

Cleaning Around the House

Camphor essential oil is inherently antibacterial and antifungal and thus can be used as a household cleaning solution that is 100% natural and not as abrasive as modern-day chemical cleaning agents.

Add a few drops of camphor oil to a spray bottle or even a mop bucket to clean the surfaces of your home. Not only will you be eradicating nasty things from your counters and floors, but will also leave them smelling fresh to boot.

Closing Notes on Camphor

Camphor essential oil has a versatile nature that goes well beyond its incredible scent. It can be utilized for therapeutics, such as musculoskeletal and respiratory issues. But it can even be used for everyday household concerns, such as a cleaning agent or insect repellent.

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