Cats are cute and lovable but can also be mischievous, naughty, and playful little creatures. Their ability to amuse their owners makes them a favorite among humans, and one of the most popular house pets, around the world.

The affection and relationship between cats and humans are not new and date back to the time of ancient Egyptian civilization - they even have been mummified. Felines revere their graceful movements, fierce and playful personalities, and intelligence.

Over the years, great artists have been inspired by the felines and have tried to create masterpieces featuring them. Let's talk about some of the best-known paintings featuring cats in them. So, if you are a fan of animal painting and love cats, read on to know more about paintings featuring your favorite friend. So, let us begin!

Cat Devouring a Bird by Pablo Picasso

Created by one of the most well-known artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, "Cat Devouring A Bird" is one of the most famous cat paintings around the world. However, unlike other cat paintings, this particular painting does not present the cat as a sweet, fluffy, and playful home pet.

Rather, the Spanish artist has portrayed the cat in its natural form - a fierce predator tearing its prey into pieces. The painting presents the cat during a full-on struggle with an unlucky bird, as the bird realizes there is no escaping its fate. Yet the bird makes its desperate attempts to be freed from the grasp of the ferocious cat.

A deeper study and investigation of the painting shows that Picasso references his interest in violence and chaos. The painting was created in 1939, when Spain was going through its Civil War, due to which Picasso lost his mother. And the painting is not the last one, where he has focused on animals with untamed and ravening expressions.

Child With Cat by Pierre Auguste Renoir

We are all children at heart, and the simple pleasures of youth are truly amazing and beautiful. The painting titled "Child With Cat" by Pierre Auguste Renoir is the perfect example of a painting that portrays the simple pleasures and comforts of youth with a feline friend.

The painting portrays a beautiful young girl with a kitten on her lap, peacefully sitting on the lady's lap. Commissioned by Edouard Manet himself, the little girl in the painting is said to be the niece of the French modernist artist.

In the beginning, the painting was supposed to be a portrait of just the little lady. But as Renoir started creating the masterpiece, he figured out that the portrait required a cute addition. Therefore the artist put the kitty on her lap, which seems to be the best prop the artist could use, and is worth applauding.

Kittens at Play by Charles Van Den Eycken

A sight for sore eyes, "Kittens At Play" is a playful, happy mood-boosting oil on canvas by Belgian artist Charles van den Eycken. The painting features three kittens playing peacefully among themselves, which can give you hours of relaxation at one glance.

In the painting, a lone cat with a thread of yarn around its leg represents cute, quiet, and delicate. In contrast to this particular characteristic of the cat, two cats vigorously play with each other in the background. Both representations of cats are pretty accurate regarding their behavior - sometimes, the cats are very silent, while other times, they are pretty mischievous.

Talking about the use of soft color and gentle tones with a touch of subtle contrasts, they perfectly reflect the warmth and flair of these magnificent feline creatures. This playful painting serves as a reminder to slow down and take some time for yourself, whether being kind to yourself with a self-care routine or bonding with friends.