The flexibility and convenience offered by subscription-based business models are only parts of the hype. The creativity and how some subscription boxes seem to be made for you make up the other part of the hype.

One way subscription box brands express their creativity and understanding of their customers is through themes.

Of course, themes aren’t mandatory for successful subscription services. However, they can help engage your target audience, reach new people in your customer base, and build a buzz around your brand.

This article will detail why it’s essential to pick the right theme for your subscription box, things to avoid in the decision-making process, and tips for choosing the best theme for your box. Let’s get started.

Picking the Right Theme for Your Subscription Box is Important

There is so much work involved in planning and launching a subscription box business. It would be a shame for your business to go down because you can’t attract new customers, let alone retain those you have.

Picking unique themes and designing creative packaging and inserts to go with them gives you an edge over the competition. You’ll open up opportunities to attract new customers and keep your existing customers enthusiastic about your subscription box.

For example, let’s say you’re in the gaming industry. You notice how eSports and live streaming are becoming more and more popular and how they influence the attraction to specific games and online fandoms. Armed with this information, you can choose a theme related to the most popular professional video game players or particular tournaments.

You’d boost your subscription box sales. And you could also open up other marketing opportunities, like working with influencers and tapping into an even larger pool of gamers worldwide.

How to Choose a Theme for Your Subscription Box

Here are three tips for choosing a suitable theme for your subscription box:

Take a global-minded approach to goal-setting

You can absolutely take your subscription box business global. And you should keep this in mind when setting overall company goals and theme-specific goals for your box.

It’s integral to the success of your box to analyze strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your business to figure out where you can improve and how choosing a theme for your box can help. Additionally, you can ask for feedback from your internal teams and customers to get inspiration for your theme.

Furthermore, consider the following in the goal-setting stage:

  • How you’ll provide high-quality products to support your theme
  • What emotions you want to evoke from customers with your theme
  • How choosing a theme will benefit your business’s bottom line
  • What ways you can customize the packaging to fit your theme
  • If you’re capable of marketing your subscription box globally
  • How your customers outside of the U.S. differ from those in the U.S
  • The cultural differences you must pay attention to ensure your global audience isn’t offended by your theme
  • If there are any industry or other trends to consider for your subscription box business and theme

Also, you must consider your customer base before making any decisions about themes for your subscription box.

Consider your customer-base

Considering your customer base is integral to choosing a good theme for your subscription box. You must select a theme that’s interesting and exciting to your customers. Not one that’s based on your personal interests and values.

It’s a good idea to do some deep research on your customers. Everything from demographic information to how they think to how they engage with your business and brand will be valuable in the theme conversation.

Lastly, prioritize timelessness when choosing a theme for your subscription box.

Prioritize timelessness

When your subscription box theme is timeless, it’s everlasting, unchanging, and unwavering, despite what happens in the world. The goal is to choose a theme that will always mean something to your customers. No matter what happens in their lives, they can return to this box, its packaging, and the items to be reminded of something significant in their lives.

When choosing a theme for your subscription box, brainstorm immortal ideas. For example, you could select something nostalgic, a survival-related theme, or something related to love.

Ultimately, a timeless theme for your subscription box has the potential to inspire lifelong subscriptions with your customers.


Embrace a theme for your subscription box. It can do wonders for your customer attraction and retention efforts. Leveraging themes effectively can also separate your brand from the competition.

So, think global when setting goals for your subscription box. Consider your customer base when discussing and choosing themes. And when in doubt, stick to timeless themes your target audience can resonate with now and in the future.