There are a lot of pieces of jewellery in your collection that you love or have forgotten you have, but you're unsure how to wear or even where to begin. And maybe you also do not know what you need or how to find the right pieces to complement your wardrobe.

Everyone experiences the same. So, here are some helpful hints on jewellery style and fashion that you can use to accessorise your outfits and personality.

Coordinate Jewellery with Your Style

Although matching your jewellery with your outfit of the day may appear straightforward, those who don't wear jewellery frequently may find it more challenging. Some people may not be aware that gold jewellery, instead of sterling silver, makes some ensembles look more put-together.

Select delicate necklaces with thin chains and pendants to accessorise your casual attire, including denim trousers and white t-shirts. Contrarily, if you're a fan of the sophisticated "boss lady" style, you can amp up your ensemble with a few well-placed bangles, hoops, or diamond studs.

Also, a layered necklace will enhance your look with its mesmerising shine, perfect for a night out with your boyfriend when you want to wow him with a plunging neckline. Finally, if you're a large, striking jewellery fan, you can pair it with solid-coloured or subdued garments.

Pick Jewellery that Goes with Your Favorite Colors

Traditional neutrals like black, white, grey, and nude complement various precious stones and metals. However, if you lean towards bolder colour palettes, selecting jewellery that accentuates your colour preferences could be wise.

Here are some examples:

  • Light blues, such as aqua, complement pearls, yellow gold, and silver jewellery.
  • White and yellow gold jewellery complements Thulian pink and mauve the most.
  • Jewelry crafted from yellow gold or silver looks well with maroon or other rich reds.
  • Yellow, white, and blue-green tones complement silver, yellow-gold, and pine-green jewellery the most.

Never forget that there is no "wrong" way to wear jewellery. You can mix and match any piece you own. Also, combining or layering gold and silver is a distinct fashion trend that can elevate any ensemble to a whole new level.

Accessorise with Pieces that Complement Your Skin Tone

Neutral, cool, and warm undertones are the conventional ones for skin. Your undertone is an independent factor. Hence, how light or dark your skin makes no difference.

By observing the shade of your veins on the wrist, you can ascertain your undertone:

  • A warm undertone is likely present in your skin if you notice that your veins are greenish.
  • Cool skin is characterised by veins that are bluish or purplish.
  • Your undertone is neutral if your vein colour resembles your skin tone.

Knowing your skin's undertone is a must to know what jewellery will look best on you. For instance:

  • Opt for yellow, pink, red, blue, green, or rose gold jewellery with a warm undertone if that describes your undertone.
  • Jewellery with shades of purple, blue, or green set in silver or white gold will accentuate a cold undertone. On the other hand, avoid warm hues like yellow and orange; they tend to clash with cold tones.
  • The choice between yellow and white metals is a no-brainer for those with a neutral undertone.

Wear Occasion-appropriate Jewellery

If you want to look even more alluring on a date night, try diamond earrings and sparkling bracelets that you may wear freely. Diamonds complement any hue and style, adding sparkle to each outfit.

Make a statement with your jewellery if you wear something simple and monochromatic. Opt for a white shirt, shorts, or a simple outfit to showcase your bulky statement jewellery.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to jewellery suitable for the office. Pick pieces that go with what you already own, regardless of how strict or relaxed your company's dress code is. 

For instance, if you often wear jeans and a graphic tee to the office, you can spice up your outfit with elegant jewellery like bangle bracelets and gold hoop earrings. A diamond stud earrings and a timeless love bracelet will make a strong woman like you, who loves to dress in stylish blazers and pencil skirts, even more stunning.

Purchase Jewellery that Speaks to You

Whatever the fashion world says about a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring, choose the one that showcases your personality. Do not be shy about accessorising with bohemian garments and vintage jewellery if you consider yourself an antique soul who adores the 1960s and 1970s.

Remember, your jewellery should reflect your personality because you are unique and will remain so regardless of how quickly fads come and go.

Create Your Style

What you buy and wear shouldn't matter if it makes you feel beautiful and secure. But there are instances when you purchase jewellery that a friend looks stunning in but doesn't suit you.

So, by taking note of these style tips, you can find the ideal jewellery piece that is perfect for you. If you want to invest more in accessories that fit your style and personality, you can shop jewellery online for a more affordable and convenient experience.