Are you looking for an exciting career in the state of Wisconsin? If so, you should consider venturing into real estate. The industry provides lots of opportunities and allows you the flexibility you need to choose your preferred sector. However, you will need to get your real estate license before you can start practicing.

To start your journey toward getting your license, you need to enroll for an approved WI real estate license course, complete the mandatory hours of training, and pass the exams. The good thing is that you have a choice of doing a classroom-based course or you can choose to pursue your Wisconsin real estate license online.

While navigating through the coursework and acing the exams is certainly not a walk in the park, you can crack the code and succeed in your Wisconsin real estate classes and exams. Below are some crucial tips to help you excel in your journey to obtaining a Wisconsin real estate license:

Understand the requirements

Before you can enroll for your Wisconsin 72-hour real estate course, it would be best to understand the requirements set by the state's licensing body—the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). You should familiarize yourself with the requirements, the exam procedures, and the process of applying for the license. When you have learned all the relevant foundational knowledge, you will have clarity about what lies ahead and you can plan how to navigate through your Wisconsin real estate license course effectively.

Develop a study routine for consistency

To succeed in your Wisconsin real estate license course, you must be diligent and ensure you effectively cover the course material.  The secret is to create a study routine that works for you and follow it to the letter.

It is vital you set aside dedicated time slots each week during which you review the course materials, attempt exam practice questions, and complete the assignments from your lecturers. When you cover the material comprehensively and study consistently, you will strengthen your understanding of the concepts and enhance your retention of the key things. 

Participate actively in learning

If you want to succeed in your Wisconsin real estate license course, avoid just reading passively through the course material as this may not enable you to fully grasp the concepts—especially the more challenging ones. The best approach is to adopt active learning strategies which compel you to interact with the material actively.

Here are some active learning strategies you can try out:

  • Taking notes as you read the course materials
  • Engaging actively in group discussions or virtual lecture sessions
  • Making flashcards to help you review definitions and key term
  • Discuss the various concepts with other students—this strengthens your comprehension of the various concepts

Use different learning resources

It is crucial to understand that your course materials provide only the basics for your studies, so you shouldn't limit yourself to just that. You should supplement your learning with other resources, including:

  • Textbooks
  • Study guides
  • Online resources – forums, discussions, and others

Practice answering exam questions

Practice exams are some of the most valuable resources that can help you prepare for your real estate licensing exam. You ought to leverage any practice exams offered by your course provider and look for extra materials be it in the libraries or online.


If you follow the above tips and other relevant ones, you should have an easy time sailing through your Wisconsin real estate license course. It is also crucial to seek help from your lecturers, fellow students, and other reliable people.