Dogs crave structure and stimulation –  both of which are difficult to provide when you’re busy with your 9-5.

Being a work-from-home pet owner can be especially difficult if you have a needy or high-energy dog. Working all day alongside your canine companion might seem like a dog lover’s dream, but bored pups can quickly start to interfere with your WFH flow.

Whether you’re still working from home or you’ve started to add in more trips to the office, you know that keeping your dog entertained during business hours can pose a challenge. But did you know that you can give your dog their daily dose of stimulation without turning your work schedule upside down?

Why Create a Busy Schedule For Your Dog?

Our dogs need a variety of mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy – just like we do. Cognitive enrichment and physical exercise are equally important when it comes to crafting your dog’s schedule. Incorporating enrichment activities into your dog’s daily routine offers numerous benefits like increased physical fitness, detraction from negative habits, and a more socialized dog!

  • Increased exercise burns off excess energy and reduces the risk of obesity.
  • Dogs kept busy with daily activities are less likely to display negative behaviors like excessive barking or chewing.
  • Dogs exposed to more physical and mental stimulation are happier and healthier overall.
  • Arranging activities with other dogs helps to improve socialization while providing physical and mental stimulation.

4 Workday Routine Ideas Your Pup Will Love

The key to ensuring your dog gets the stimulation they need while you work is incorporating activities that integrate seamlessly with your schedule. Here are a few workday routine suggestions for creating a busy (and tiring) week for your dog:

1. Take Them to Doggy Daycare

Whether you’re commuting to the office or working remotely, it can be challenging for working dog owners to provide their dogs with adequate exercise and stimulation – fortunately, doggy daycare offers one solution.

Doggy daycare allows dogs to exercise and socialize with other dogs while under the supervision of trained and experienced staff members. Depending on the facility, dogs can spend half a day or a full day playing indoors and outdoors. A full day of play is both exhaustive and exciting for dogs, and many will sleep for hours after a doggy daycare session!

While doggy daycare is a good option for social dogs, it is not ideal for reactive dogs with territorial or jealous behaviors. Doggy daycare is also not an option for dogs that are not spayed or neutered.

2. Invest in Interactive Toys

Interactive dog toys are an excellent solution for dogs in need of intellectual stimulation. Many dogs left without supervision become destructive out of boredom, but interactive dog toys push dogs to puzzle solve and work to get rewards.

One of the best things about interactive dog toys is the sheer number of toys available and the diversity of those toys. Technically, a dog owner can purchase enough toys so their dog has a different one for each day of the week! By cycling through different interactive games and puzzles, your dog can get the most mental enrichment out of these tools.

Here are just a few tips for getting the most out of your interactive toys & feeders:

  • Start with a beginner puzzle toy at first. If you’ve never given your dog an interactive feeder or toy, there will likely be a learning curve.
  • Break up big treats into smaller pieces to keep the snuffle mat and puzzle toy fun going longer (and with fewer calories).
  • Freeze your dog’s lick mats so that they really have to work for this high-reward treat. Plus, the longer they lick and sniff, the quicker they’ll tire out!

Choose a set time of day to give your pup their daily puzzle. Lunch breaks work great for this fun and interactive treat. For WFH dog owners, puzzle toys are a great way to keep your dog entertained (and quiet) during important events and meetings.

3. Incorporate Walks

If your work schedule allows, setting a strict walking routine gives your dog an activity to look forward to – and an outlet for their physical and mental energy. Not only do regular walks allow dogs to explore their surroundings and experience a change of scenery (both of which are great for mental stimulation), but they’re also a great way to make sure your pup gets daily exercise.

This mental and physical exercise helps to wear your dog out so they’re more likely to nap while you work. Try incorporating a 15-minute stroll before and after your work day. If you work from home, a mid-day walk can also curb your dog’s energy and help you focus on your afternoon tasks!

However, whether you work virtually or commute to the office, any full-time career can leave dog parents short on time…and energy. A dog walker can fill in when you need it, or become a regular player in your dog’s routine. Many dog owners hire dog walkers to come by and walk their dog daily (or even multiple times a day) to provide exercise and human interaction.

4. Set Up a GPS Containment Area

A GPS dog fence is a perfect solution for the more active dog (and the working dog parent). Sometimes your dog needs more exercise and outdoor time than a doggy daycare or dog walker can provide – and that’s where a GPS fence can come in handy.

Working full-time with a high-energy dog can be difficult, especially when you operate from a home office. A GPS dog fence lets dog parents customize containment areas to fit any size backyard and give active dogs space to run and explore – without having to worry about your dog’s safety.

With the freedom to adventure in a safely contained space, overactive dogs can burn off excess energy and work all of their senses as they survey their domain. With so much to see, smell, and touch outdoors, dogs with a GPS containment fence get more exercise and are more psychologically stimulated than dogs without this kind of freedom.

A GPS fence is the ideal solution for dogs of all personalities because it satisfies the natural desire to roam and explore without the restrictions of a leash. A wireless containment system also gives older dogs the opportunity to explore and exercise while taking things at their own pace.

And when you do have extra time for some pup bonding, a portable GPS containment system allows pet owners set up a safe boundary anywhere — including the park, campsite, beach, and more!

Creating a busy schedule for your pup not only ensures a happy and healthy dog. Knowing their dogs have an entertaining daily routine, work-at-home dog parents can stay more focused, and commuting pet owners can worry less about leaving their dog at home. And with SpotOn’s GPS fence, you can give your pup the freedom to safely explore anywhere unleashed.