Advancements in technology have made it possible for people to get all kinds of corrective beauty procedures done, surgical or non-invasive. These treatments boost self-confidence and self-esteem, enabling people to lead happier lives.

Of all the cosmetic and aesthetic minimally invasive treatments in 2017, botox was done more than others, accounting for over seven million or the overall fifteen million procedures. These numbers have gone up in recent years because more people opt for non-surgical cosmetic treatments to correct and enhance their critical features.

Officially called botulinum toxin, specialists use this highly effective drug to treat wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and other issues on the face, neck, and other critical areas.

Those who wish to get cosmetic corrections or modifications done without undergoing complicated augmentation or surgeries will find this to be a cost-effective, pain-free, and quicker alternative. However, before opting for this treatment and booking your first appointment with an aesthetician, there are some things you must know.

Finding a reliable specialist is pivotal

Consulting a trustworthy and reputable cosmetic specialist is fundamentally critical because it will ensure you receive treatment from the best and safest possible hands. Ideally, the doctor will tell you to smile, frown, grimace, raise one eyebrow at a time, and perform similar actions to gauge the severity of the problem.

Avoid trusting any practitioner who skips this step and agrees to give you the treatment without even checking where and how much you need it.

Side effects are few, but bruising is common

Scientific studies have proved that botulinum is safe to treat wrinkles and other age-related conditions. While adverse effects of the treatment are rare, getting the injection from an inexperienced person could lead to unforeseen complications. For instance, the drug could spread to unintended muscles and cause the areas to sag.

Therefore, always choose an experienced practitioner who can expertly inject the substance under the skin’s surface with an extremely thin needle. Also, while bruising may not occur in most cases, it is not uncommon either. So, even if it does happen, you can be assured that it will fade in a couple of days.

Diverse uses

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of botox is that it can be used to treat or correct a wide range of issues effectively. Some of the top-most of these are listed below.

Lip and smile correction

A lip flip procedure makes the mouth appear fuller and more attractive. Consequently, it can hide overly exposed gums more effectively, improving the overall smile.

Eliminating facial wrinkles

Wrinkles can appear around the eyes, mouth, forehead, and other prominent areas on the face as the body ages. This injectable can help eliminate these fine lines, giving the face a more taut and youthful impression.

Brow lifts

People who are struggling with drooping or sagging brows due to age can combat this issue by getting the toxin injected in the right place.

Lower face and neck lift

Those who want a refined jawline and a slim neck often opt for these injections because they can enhance these areas and make them more beautiful.

Removal of neckbands

Specialists regularly use botulinum toxin to help people struggling with unsightly neck bands that adversely affect their self-esteem.

Acne, large pores, and sweating

Large and prominent pores that generally result from chronic acne can be dealt with efficiently using these injectables to give the face a fuller, smoother appearance.

Treating migraines

The FDA has approved these injections to regularly help people who suffer from chronic migraines, enabling them to lead pain-free lives.

Costs will vary depending on the procedure

Beginners should know that there is no fixed price for these injectables because the final cost depends on several crucial factors. These include the size and area of injection, severity of the problem, the amount of botulinum toxin used, and the clinic in question.

Ideally, people find these treatments inexpensive and worth the investment since they give lasting results. Even if they charge extra, it is safer to opt for reputable specialists because inexperienced practitioners may botch the procedure unwittingly.

It can be used with other treatments

Botulinum can relax your muscles and prevent them from contracting and forming unsightly lines on the face and neck. Therefore, it is often considered a highly effective preventative procedure for people in their late twenties or early thirties.

Moreover, it is regularly used with fillers to add volume to the lips and other facial areas, beautifully contouring the face. It is also used in thread lifts, a pain-free and non-surgical alternative to facelifts, giving the face tautness by eliminating sagging. As a result, people opt for this treatment because it provides spectacular results that can last for several months.