The crossbody bag has been around for decades, providing both a stylish and practical approach to your everyday look. A small google search will populate thousands of designs, styles, and colors for you to take your pick and match with your outfit or current mood. Whether you’re attending a wedding or heading out for a coffee, a crossbody bag is always a great option, and here's why.


The crossbody bag is a staple fashion that can pair well with anyone. The advent of the piece is steeped in practicality, such as the ability to remain hands-free and not having to worry about a clutch slipping away or a short-handled handbag falling from your arm. The crossbody stays with you no matter what and provides easy access for those pushing a stroller or shopping cart. No more awkward checkout fidgeting!

Another practical element is security. They sit on your body and remain secure, making them less of a target for thieves as they cannot remove them at speed. While this is unlikely, it puts those minds at ease when wandering through built-up congested areas.

Name The Occasion

Being that they have been around for such a long time, crossbody bag designs have such a variety of styles and colors that can be used across all occasions. For example, a festival may require you to go for a more rugged bag that can take a beating outdoors over a long period. If you choose to wear your bag across the body, you are no longer limited on color or design as plenty of north face style bags can be found well-priced with limitless looks to match you. Of course, you can also find the more expensive brands if purchasing for a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary to compliment your style.


They can come in variations of sizes which tend always to be larger than a clutch. This is also an area in which versatility plays a part as these bags can come in multiple sizes to match whichever occasion you will be using them for. This can be a blessing and a curse when your friends catch onto your increased carrying capacity!


People far and wide can wear these pieces with multiple materials and designs to choose from; these bags have no limit to their audience or occasion. This is unlike a clutch which is likely only used for celebratory events. The crossbody bag can be seen across all occasions worn by celebrities, students, and even men. This piece does not discriminate when impressing audiences.


The obvious choice for any piece of clothing is branded designs, these bags are no different and have been beautifully crafted by all of the major fashion outlets as time has gone by. The beauty of having a designer variation is you gain all of the practical benefits a crossbody bag provides alongside the added charm of a designer logo and branded quality materials to go with it. This is the obvious choice when purchasing a bag for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday, so you can advertise your personality far and wide amongst your peers while taking a selfie in one smooth stroke.