Bug bites can irritate the skin, especially if they cause scarring such as itching, irritation, redness, and even pain. Mosquitoes, wasp, spider, or even jellyfish; it's not always easy to escape their bites. However, you can reduce their effect by using the following types of essential oils for bug bites.

1. Why using essential oils for bug bites?

Most often not severe, bug bite symptoms can last for several days and sometimes leave scars. There are the stinging insects, like bees or wasps, and those that bite like mosquitoes, horseflies, and bedbugs.While rarely severe, the bites usually cause annoying itching, pain, redness, and swelling.Essential oils are effective in relieving insect bites. They reduce inflammation, heal, and soothe pain and itching; favor analgesic, anti-inflammatory, calming, anti-itchy, and healing essential oils.

2. Essential oils for bug bites

2.1 Lavender essential oil for bug bites

Lavender oil has a great ability to calm nerves and relax as it works to calm infections caused by insect bites such as tick mosquitoes. Put a few drops of oil on the place of the sting.

2.2 Basil essential oil for bug bites

Basil oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve reddish irritation from insect bites or bee stings. The antimicrobial properties are also effective in preventing infection.

2.3 Peppermint essential oil for bug bites

Peppermint can be a good option for treating bug bites. The anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint oil have proven to be effective in treating itching, irritation, and the sensation caused by insect bites due to its cold impact on the skin.

2.4 Geranium essential oil for bug bites

Geranium essential oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, it repels mosquitoes and relieves their bites.Put 2 drops of essential oil of geranium in 2 drops of vegetable oil and apply 2 to 3 times a day.

2.5 Eucalyptus essential oil for bug bites

The first to use eucalyptus oil is the indigenous people of Australia and was to treat scratches and wounds and clean it as it has an effective treatment effect and can repel insects and treat their bites as well.

2.6 Lemon essential oil for bug bites

According to a number of studies, lemon oil has a powerful antimicrobial effect to prevent bacterial infections of insect bites. A study published in 2014 also stated that citronella oil is also anti-inflammatory; you can apply it directly to the itch source.

2.7 Green tea essential oil for bug bites

It has the ability to promote skin health and strengthen the immune system, and many countries such as "Australia, China, France, Florida" use it in treating many skin problems, most notably insect bites and infections transmitted to humans from another individual.

2.8 Tea tree essential oil for bug bites

Tea tree oil is commonly used as a medicine for acne. But do not make mistakes. Tea tree oil is also a choice of a natural bug bite medication, especially for children who cannot tolerate itching.Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that help prevent bacteria and other microbes from growing in the area of insect bites. Research also indicates that tea tree oil can reduce itching and swelling of the skin due to allergies.Related: Eight Recipes of Essential Oils to improve your living comfort and well-being

3. Use of essential oils for bug bites for children

Some essential oils are milder and, therefore, more suitable for the more sensitive body of children. Find out which essential oils for bug bites are best for your children:

3.1 Geranium essential oil

Is anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious; it repels mosquitoes and relieves their bites. (from 3 years old)

3.2 Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil

Is anti-inflammatory, effectively repels insects, and also relieves their bites. (from 6 years old).

3.3 Lavender essential oil

Is very soothing and effectively relieves itching from bites. (from 6 years old).

3.4 Lavandin super essential oil

Is anti-inflammatory and soothes insect bites and redness caused by plants. (from 6 years old).

3.5 Lavender aspic essential oil

Is soothing, healing, and calms irritation caused by plant or bug bites. (from 8 years old).Originally published on Live Positively.