The 2022 FIFA World Cup is in full swing at the moment and fans from all over the world have decided to venture to Qatar to support their team in the world’s biggest sporting competition. Indeed, many have also decided to use the trip as a way of enjoying a vacation at the same time, therefore there have been some that have been wondering what they can do while they are in the Arab country.

With its beautiful beaches, world-renowned cultural sites, and modern stadiums, Qatar has something for everyone. Here are five must-see attractions during your visit to Qatar for the World Cup in 2022.

National Museum of Qatar

The new National Museum of Qatar is an incredible sight to behold. The building itself is a work of art; each facet of its design inspired by traditional Qatari architecture and culture. Inside, visitors can explore the history and culture of Qatar through interactive displays and exhibitions that showcase artifacts from both historical and modern times. And do not forget to check out the museum's impressive collection of Islamic art, including carpets and calligraphy from all over the Middle East.

The Khor Al Udaid Beach

Qatar's stunning Khor Al Udaid Beach is a must-visit attraction for any beach lover. The long stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters offer breathtaking views that are sure to take your breath away. You can also enjoy activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, fishing, swimming, or just relaxing on the beach with a good book!

Lusail Stadium

The Lusail Stadium is one of the most impressive stadiums in the world, and it will be home to some amazing matches during the 2022 World Cup, including the final that will take place on December 18! The stadium has a capacity for up to 80,000 spectators and features state-of-the-art technology that helps create an immersive experience for viewers both in attendance and at home. Plus, it has been designed with sustainability in mind - so you can enjoy some football while helping reduce your carbon footprint too!

Fans have already been treated to plenty of the world’s best football action so far in Qatar, with a number of shocks to have been experienced so far. Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia and Germany’s defeat to Japan are notable highlights, although with Brazil having won its first two Group games, the Selecao remains favorites with the sports betting companies to be the outright winner of the tournament.

According to the Unibet 2022 World Championships betting odds, the South Americans are priced at 13/5, whereas France follows at 11/2 before Spain concludes the top three choices at 7/1. Interestingly, Argentina are 17/2 and England are 10/1 despite having already experienced setbacks in this tournament.

Nonetheless, with the 2022 Final set to be held at the Lusail Stadium, it is a venue that is definitely worth seeing; even if you can not get a ticket for the showpiece match this coming December.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is considered one of Doha's most popular tourist spots, full of vibrant aromas coming from different spices and herbs found at this traditional market. Here, visitors can find anything from local handicrafts to authentic Qatari souvenirs. There are also plenty of restaurants where you can sample the delicious local cuisine while exploring this ancient souq (market).

Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village is a great place for visitors who want to learn more about Qatari arts and culture in a beautiful setting. Here you'll find art galleries displaying works from both established international artists as well as up-and-coming local talent. In addition, there are various cultural events held throughout the year such as music concerts or traditional dance performances - allowing visitors to immerse themselves completely in Qatari culture before they even enter the stadium!


With so many fantastic attractions on offer at Qatar World Cup 2022, it is no wonder why this tiny nation is becoming increasingly popular with tourists every day! From stunning beaches to mesmerizing museums - not forgetting Lusail Stadium - Qatar offers something for everyone who wants an unforgettable experience during their stay here this summer. Whether you are looking for cultural exploration or sports excitement; Qatar promises loads!