As we get older, our bodies require more help than before to stay healthy and fit; in fact, the CDC agree, and state that adults who are sixty five years and older require at least 150 minutes of exercise per week to remain healthy.  While this may seem daunting initially, here we have a few great ways to stay active and healthy after 60.

Widen your social circle

Once you’ve retired and you’re no longer going into a workplace environment, or your family have grown and flown the nest, it can feel a bit lonely not to have as much social interaction every day.  But there are ways to combat this; there are many organizations out there that cater exclusively to your age bracket, providing ample opportunity to meet new friends while having a coffee and a chat.  Churches are a great place to begin this process, with several offering this type of service at little to no cost to you, meaning you can meet new friends while not breaking the bank!

Join a gym

If you’re still relatively fit, a gym is a fabulous place to optimize your health.  Gyms often offer specific sessions for their slightly older clientele, giving you the confidence to work out without feeling intimidated by the younger members and their reps!  A great thing about gyms is that there are also qualified professionals on hand to help you get familiar with the equipment, as well as to suggest exercises that are going to be impactful on your general fitness whilst also causing no damage.  Many gyms also offer senior specific classes such as aqua aerobics, which have a low impact on joints.

Get some fresh air

While physical fitness is important in life, taking care of your mental health is also paramount to enjoying yourself.  Studies show that fresh air and being out in nature have an almost unlimited number of positives in terms of mental health, such as increasing your mood, happiness and decreasing negative thoughts.  Being out in nature and taking it all in also increases our ability to focus and pay attention to detail, keeping our minds active and working well.

Pick a new activity

Have you ever wanted to try a new activity?  Maybe learning an instrument, joining a book club, or even taking a dance class has always taken your fancy, but you simply didn’t have time?  Well, your sixties are ideal to begin a new passion.  It doesn’t matter what your living situation is;  Senior Living Buffalo Grove are just one example of an assisted living facility that offer classes to its residents to engage both body and mind with a fantastic range of choices.

Have regular health checks

It goes without saying that keeping a close eye on your physical health is a good idea, not just as you age, but throughout your life.  Health is a precious commodity, and by having regular health checks with your practitioner, you can be sure that any niggling problems are dealt with in a timely and swift manner, giving you more time and energy to enjoy life to the full.