Whether you are aiming for entrepreneurship or other roles, a career in business is bound to be exciting and fruitful. However, to reach success in a complex business world, you need to gain a number of vital skills. And you have to start gaining them while still in college.

We know that your student life must be rather busy and stressful on its own. Still, it shouldn’t be an excuse for not getting ready for your future success right now. Enlist the help of a trusted college admission essay writer to write my discussion post and start practicing vital business skills right now. 

Time Management

Whether in college, personal life, or business, you will face a lot of responsibilities and tasks every single day of your life. These tasks will be different each time and could get rather stressful. So in order to accomplish them, you will need to learn how to manage your own time efficiently.

This is the number one business skill you must start practicing right now. It involves setting time-bound goals, prioritizing your tasks, and making plans. Sometimes, it can mean reading essay writing service reviews and finding professionals to delegate your less important and urgent tasks to have more time for more important things. Anyway, the earlier you acquire this skill, the sooner you will get prepared for success.

Flexibility and Agility

The following two skills made their way to the top 10 business skills of 2023, according to the World Economic Forum. Today, technology, markets, trends, and literally everything else in our world are changing rapidly. If you are not prepared for the change, it can be incredibly stressful.

Thus, modern business people must possess flexibility and agility. They must be able to react to changes quickly and effectively in order to thrive in the ever-changing world.


The power of networking in today’s professional world is huge. Here are some rough numbers to confirm this:

  • 85% of positions are now filled through networking;
  • 70% of employees confirmed they received their current roles through networking;
  • One-quarter of global professionals established new business partnerships through networking on LinkedIn;
  • Over 95% of professionals believe that networking is pivotal to fueling business.

These numbers confirm that networking is a crucial business skill. You will need it to succeed regardless of the role you take in business. So this is another ability you should start developing right now.

Collaboration and Delegation

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, working in business is never a solo effort. All experienced entrepreneurs confirm that collaboration and delegation are the key drivers of productivity and success in their companies. So these are the two more skills you need to acquire early on.

You can practice both collaboration and delegation while still in school. Join a sports team to boost teamwork or work on group projects. As for delegation, start by delegating your less urgent academic tasks to a professional essay writing service—this will teach you how to prioritize your responsibilities and delegate a part of them for success.

Critical Thinking

The following skill basically implies receiving a lot of different information and assessing it critically to find effective and data-driven solutions. This ability comes in handy in all spheres of life. For example, you need critical thinking when researching information to write a college essay. In your personal life, you will need this skill to make wise everyday decisions, such as which car to buy or which career path to choose. And, of course, you will definitely need this skill in the business world to make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.

In order to hone your critical thinking skills, learn how to evaluate different pieces and sources of data. Learn to collect information effectively and distinguish the key points. Also, work on your ability to see the potential consequences of your actions and decisions. And embrace mistakes as they are the key drivers of progress.

Emotional Intelligence

The last point on our list might not sound like an obvious must-have business skill. Nevertheless, it’s much more crucial than it might seem at first glance. In a nutshell, emotional intelligence consists of two equally-important elements:

  1. The ability to recognize and manage your own emotions;
  2. The ability to recognize, leverage, and affect emotions in others.

These two abilities make perfect leaders. If you acquire them, you will be able to navigate crises and work better yourself. At the same time, emotional intelligence will help you work more effectively in a team and stay cold-headed under any circumstances.

The Bottom Line

The world of business is very diverse and exciting. At the same time, it’s incredibly complex and, thus, requires a variety of skills to survive in it.

Luckily, now you know the secret formula for success. Leverage the best essay writing services to ease your current load in college, and start working on the skills from this list ASAP. They all will help you shape your character to thrive in this world.